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Friday, February 18, 2011


I have to say that the stars may not have been shining brightly upon me this week, but for whatever reason I was granted a reprieve, and today, which started off with a sweet, solid two hour sleep, turned out pretty damn good. For starters, it was sunny and beautiful, instead of snowing, like the forecast said. My oldest and bestest bud called and said she was on her way into town, so I very hastily got up, had a shower and brushed my teeth. Have you ever stood dripping wet in a room that is about 15c (59F) brushing your teeth? Invigorating is not quite the right word. I cleaned the bathroom sink, as it would seem that dust had somehow collected behind the tap, and picked up the laundry off the floor (from the hallway as well). The kitchen was a mess, so I re-arranged a couple things that were sitting on the stove to make it presentable, and left the rest. At some point I got dressed and when I looked out the kitchen window, they were here.

So my friend had brought her oldest daughter who had a day off from school, and ... they brought their slippers so their feet would at least be warm in my rather cold and drafty house.... And... I received my Christmas gift, which had a pair of slippers for me sitting on top! It was a bag full of things, which is always an extra special treat. As I lifted each present out, I took a guess as to what it was and each time I unwrapped one, her daughter was amazed that I had guessed correctly. Now that was fun. We visited an old school chum who is newly engaged (second marriage for both), and then went to lunch where I finally satisfied my desire for bacon. Had a visit with another old friend and then they were off.

To top off the day, I had a mom and daughter stop in at my shop which was great... and... I received an unexpected email to boot, one that wasn't spam, nor a comment notification. The icing on today's cake is that my Christmas presents consisted mostly of food, which I now get to enjoy.

So... thanks to good friends, old friends, new friends, delayed holiday get-togethers, sunny days, being able to make people laugh or smile, and having things to laugh about. This day was priceless.

And... speaking of priceless, when I saw this video today, my comment was "That video, or should I say that Marine, is PRICELESS."  Here's to sleep deprivation, a few good men and laughter.

YouTube link.

Curtsy to T1G.


Anonymous said...

Here's to sleep deprivation, a few good men and laughter.

^^^and an AMEN to that =D

Spockgirl said...

I was wondering if anyone would appreciate that rather tongue in cheek sentence!