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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kinda funny...

Early this afternoon I had a husband and wife Jehovah's Witness team come to my house. Mr JW gave the shpeel and handed me the info sheet (Would You Like to Know the Truth?), started chatting and... called me by my first name. I was ... surprised? Granted, over the years, a pleasant hello would be exchanged as I walked past them on the street corner, wherever they might have happened to be stationed, but my name? This then brought to mind the fact that a local drug dealer who wheels around on his old ten speed also knows me by my first name.  Oddly enough, a guy I went to school with, a recovering crackhead or methhead (or a damn lucky one) always very politely greets me by my first name as well, and we chat when we see each other at the cornerstore or wherever. For some reason, thinking of these people at once, brought a smile to my face... if only their worlds were to collide... I wonder.

Oh... and the other thing I had to laugh at was the song that just happened to be playing as I heard the knock on the door. As the line "This one's for the a**holes, this one's for the freaks" blared out, I had to quickly turn it off before going to the door. I'm actually still smiling about that one, as I know they would have heard it as they were standing there waiting.

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