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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It was a dark and snowy night...

The weather forecast called for snow four days ago, so go figure it didn't start until this morning. Big, fluffy snowflakes soon changed to small wet ones, then to rain, and back to snow intermittently throughout the day.

I hadn't slept much again last night so I was having a hard time staying awake today. Even so, tonight I trudged to my obligatory sporting activity and after playing a little too hard, ended up with arms that felt like spaghetti.  Thankfully I was offered a ride home, which was nice, but a little worrisome as his truck kept spinning out. The snow was thick and compact by that time. When I was dropped off,  I decided to shovel as much as I could with my rather feeble feeling arms. It was like pushing five inches of slightly damp icing sugar. I could hear the shovel groaning in protest.

As I was making my way shovelling down the sidewalk, my neighbour was having a smoke outside her house, so we talked rather loudly above the din of the snow and she said "It's beautiful." I said "Yes.... and heavy." Usually I do her part of the sidewalk too, but tonight my body crapped out on me. The thing is... in addition to not having enough energy to do her sidewalk, it was perfect snow man snow, but by the time I finished what I could, I didn't even have the energy nor inclination to play in it either. My body too, was groaning in protest, creaking and cold.

Tonight I feel ... old.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better this morning Spockgirl.
I enjoyed your post and your pictures, although I'm not sorry to say that the snow has long since disappeared here in the U.K.
Thanks for your visit to my blog , it's nice to know we like some of the same movies.
Stop by anytime you'll be very welcome:)

Spockgirl said...

Thanks for popping over here for a visit. Me feeling old... comes and goes. Just like the snow here. It usually doesn't last long.

And... Nora Ephron is one of my favourite writers, but I haven't attempted a blogpost on her work... or on Meg and Tom movies. That being said, I'll probably visit your blog again.

T1G said...

Snoopy comes to mind when reading the title of the post. I'm most certain that it's intentional... and it definitely brought about a big grin.

Of course, when you mention feeling "O@&", the grin disappears.

Spockgirl said...

Hah... you got it... twas intentional.

And ... aging body makes the transition from grin to grimace fairly uncomplicated these days.