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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet dreams...

Last night I went to bed with slight discomfort... o.k.... so it was pain... I had pulled something, strained something... hurt something.... So I admit that the snow shovel wasn't the only thing that I overworked yesterday.  I tried all the tricks, all the positions, the stretches, but in the end settled for just keeping the body as warm as possible. It must have worked... I slept for almost four hours (yay!) and I dreamt.

Since my memory for most of my life sucks, I cannot with any absolute certainty say that I have never had any sweet dreams, however, I would hazard a guess that this is correct. Last year may have been the first "positive" feeling dream that I have ever had, but even that ended with a questionable outcome. However, that is the way dreams are isn't it? Last night, or this morning's dream was also open ended, but it was truly a sweet dream... literally.   I had found myself in a bakery.

I've had dreams before where I have been in a mall, or hospital, places with hallways, where I have been looking for someone or something, or some place, but this was different. I was looking, but this time, as I was walking I came across a bakery that almost felt like a jewelry store.... but with the aroma of sugar and spices, pastries, .... in glass cases under mood lighting.... the young woman at the counter looked like someone I know with blonde hair, cheery smile and rosey cheeks. We started talking and I enlisted her assistance in trying to determine what I should try. It seemed that their specialty, or one of them was cinnamon.... all things cinnamon...  Then the baker came out from the back with his white hat and big smile.. He reminded me of a mixture of Captain Kangaroo and Rip Taylor.  Other people came in to the shop and I stepped aside still trying to decide.   The end.

Well... when I woke up I had a taste for something... something like a churro. Haven't had one of those in ages, but damn they were good. Now... dancing in my head... cinnamon sugar Tom Thumb donuts, Danish pastries, old-fashioned glazed donuts, Apple Fritter, Honey Kruller.... arghhhhh....

So... I've had an old cartoon sitting in the back of my mind for a week or so, but had no introduction for it at all, until this morning.  The sweets, the girl behind the counter and the baker, reminded me of the kids in this one.

YouTube link.

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