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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sleep... or rather lack of it... has been an issue with me for the past year. Last night was no exception, but it was perhaps a little more pronounced than usual. I went to bed at an unusually reasonable time... around midnight. I know I did not fall asleep right away, but I believe I may have slept for about an hour and a half or close to two. Woke up at 3:42. Nothing.. nothing... nothing... At some point I came out from under the warm cozy duvet and perching on my knees, went to peek out the curtain to see if it had started snowing yet... As I put my hand on the metal headboard...  crackle... spark... a big spark, close to a centimeter, shot out in the dark from where my fingertip touched the metal... I was rather shocked... (heh)... I checked the time... 4:48... tried to sleep ... nothing, nothing, nothing... 5:37... 6:25....  After that, I can't remember... all I know is that I did fall asleep... and slept for two hours.  After all this time has passed, I started to ask myself how I could have generated that much static electricity just laying there in bed.

It did start snowing this morning... big, fluffy snowflakes that looked fake, floating or flitting about on the light wind. An uneventful day, full of nothing, nothing, nothing... Big sis stopped by to borrow a movie, so I hitched a ride to grab something to eat at a local fast food establishment. It was a wonderful thing to sit and eat in a nice warm place for a change. But... I was still hungry... after eating...  I decided to take home a bacon-cheeseburger from the value pick menu to eat later.  I had spinach in the fridge, so added some to the burger for foliage. For some reason, today, even with ketchup oozing out the sides and on my fingers, and the tiny burger patty sliding around in the  bun, it was absolutely delicious. I do not know why, but even the pickles, which I don't normally like, tasted good.

I was a little worried about part of the previous post I did, as it contains a line of lyrics from a song that would be deemed inapproriate for children, and that some people might find offensive and/or be shocked about.  I was going to change it, but thought to myself...  I listen to the music... I don't live it.

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