Greetings from Spockgirl Musings, where logic rules, but the frailties of
human nature, genetic inadequacies and hormonal imbalances wreak havoc.


Haven't quite decided what to put here yet, but I know that I want to write something personal yet not personal.

So, I am back again with some background, and a clue as to why I chose "Spockgirl Musings" as the title to my blog.

I do not have many memories from childhood, but watching Star Trek on TV is one of them. I know I had a fondness for Mr. Spock and Lt. Uhura. (Now, is it my imagination or did they use something like a soft-focus lens when they did close-ups on Uhura? Did they do the same for any female character that happened to stroll on? ) I also liked the fact that they had a Japanese guy playing a Japanese/Chinese guy, in a serious manner instead of some caricature. I remember thinking that the sets looked fake and the costumes were too bright and the lighting was too "clean", for lack of a better word. But that didn't matter because I liked the characters, and I remembered them. Even then, I knew that logic was a part of me, and having Mr. Spock there was an affirmation of that trait. Fascinating, I just had an epiphany. Figuratively speaking, and literally, to an extent, I am Spock, Uhura and Sulu rolled into one package, and it took me over thirty years to come to that conclusion. They showed this little kid that it was ok to be a strong, intelligent person of a different race, colour and gender. 
ps: Yes, I do also fondly remember Bones, Chekhov, and Scotty, but I admit, I am not a trekkie, or trekker, and I have never donned a starfleet uniform.