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Friday, March 19, 2010

Let me add

If you read my Welcome, I did say that I would endeavour not to write about my personal life. This should be simple for the fact that I do not have one. However, the difficulty therein lies in the fact that I have a tendency to feel it necessary to justify my actions or words, and to explain why I have done or said certain things. The crux of the matter is that one cannot justify or explain things without revealing some tidbit of oneself or one's personal life.


DaveO said...

When one rides a bus, the purpose is to go from one city to the next. Very utilitarian. Inexpensive travel with all the amenities one is paying for, to wit: none. It is all provided by the bus company.

In taking up regular writing of a blog, she becomes a bus driver. Steering here, pausing at the light there. She starts with a snappy headline, and ends the trip with the option to comment, or move on.

For the reader who is the rider, there is all sorts of scenery. The bricks, black-red in the downpour. The people in all their forms and visages. The black forest that the driver slides past quickly, arousing curiosity. There the driver's shibboleth, and her fear.

At some point the journey ends, and the driver, who is the blogger, is as open as the door of the bus.

Can't be avoided. It's 3/5ths of the reason one continues to read the blog.

Spockgirl said...

Rather insightful analogy.

Very interesting ratio 3/5ths. Curious to know what the other 2/5ths is comprised of.

DaveO said...


2/5ths comes from content, or in the analog - the destination.