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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worlds Away...

Tonight I was dealing with an issue close to my heart, such as it is, and began to reminisce about music again. I went a Googling for Tears for Fears and Madness, and for some reason I then remembered the song called "Worlds Away", by a Canadian band, Strange Advance. I found a couple videos, but the one I have decided to post is the one that made me cry.

Every once in a while, when I check the time during the day, the numbers stick out in my mind. This morning, I happened to look at the clock at 9:11AM and tonight, I happened to look at the clock at 9:11PM. So, when I found this video of the song I was thinking about, I knew that I had to post it. WARNING: Some pictures are graphic in nature and may be offensive. I apologize if you find it to be so, however, that day must NEVER be forgotten, and never be remembered for anything less than what it was.

YouTube link. (935 views)

Remember... always.


thormoo said...

Thanks for posting this. I agree, we can never forget what happened at what it was and is: an act of WAR.

I got home from work that morning, I worked nights. So it was my afternoon/evening. I was doing chores, having a beer cooking something to eat. I had the TV on and just caught a glimpse of the first Tower smoking. Just minutes later the second plane hit and I knew we were at WAR.

At the time I lived directly on the air route from Chicago to the East Coast. I remember looking up at the sky that night...and there was nothing up there. very unusual and haunting.

I was in management at a furniture factory and worked 3rd shift I'll never forget going into that plant while President Bush was giving his speak and every radio in that vast complex was turned full volume and there was no other sound then his voice: again...Haunting.

Sometime the next year, my (now X) wife and I were in England/France/Belgium on a small (6 people) Great War Tour of the Somme/Ypres. The other 4 people were Brits all my age or older except one young guy 25 or so. At dinner the first night in Ypres, we were all eating together, getting to know each other and he popped of about what a War Mongering A-Hole Bush was and America was.

There was stunned silence as all the other Brits were embarressed. In the next few minutes my X and I just quietly spoke about what it was like for us when that event happened. we spoke our hearts...she was from the NY/NJ Metro area, that is where she grew up. She went to school w/people that were in the Twin Towers that die, one who was killed that I know off. That sharing of our feelings quietly diffused a potential trip ruining experience. the young man later apologized for his rudeness and ignorance. We had a great trip...

Spockgirl said...

When I was younger, this song was very moving and now it seems even more poignant.

Here's my other post regarding that day if you wish to read. Remember... always

That must have been an amazing trip... and I am glad the young man apologized.

Anonymous said...

just came over to say hello again, spockgirl. I always enjoy your musings. :)


Spockgirl said...

Thanks Boo!