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Monday, February 7, 2011

Can tables fly?

So last night we had a major windstorm again, which sometimes worries me as I can hear the wind howling, the windows rattling, and feel the cold air seeping through the cracks. There have been occasions in the spring and summer when the wind has actually blown open the bedroom window, but thankfully this has not yet happened in the fall or winter, nor while I have been in bed. That might be a tad unnerving should that occur in the middle of the night. I would say that thus far I have  also been very lucky that no tree branches or anything else has been launched by the heavy winds into any of the numerous old glass windows.

Earlier today, as I was returning from my walk to the Post Office, I figured I had better check around the back of the house, as I had an old gateleg picnic table resting by the stairs to the basement. I hadn't heard any loud noises, but with all the racket from the wind, and being at the other end of the house, it isn't a surprise that the table had lifted itself off the ground, over the six inch concrete edge and dive-bombed down the stairs. It lay there on an angle with one of its wings snapped off.  I left it there. I didn't take a closer look. I just left it there lying at that awkward angle. If anyone tries to break into the basement, they will trip and fall over it, and I will be sued.  I'll check on it tomorrow.

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