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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Hairy Orange Monster

So maybe in the last little while I had been Feeling Nostalgic  or maybe just remembering things that made me laugh when I was younger. After managing maybe an hour and a half of sleep in the subdued early morning light, there was a loud banging on the front door... a sound I recognized, so I ignored it. I knew that the phone would ring any second... and it did.  Big Sister was in the car and it was Gremlin 1 knocking on the door. As usual, Gremlin 1 had his standard grumpy pants face on, but as soon as I opened the door and he saw that I looked like total crap, he actually grinned. So... I made someone smile because I looked like sh**. Sweet.

Anyways, the big hairy orange monster came to mind the other day and earlier this morning I had a chance to go searching for him.  There were a few clips posted, but this was the only complete cartoon that I could find. I know for sure that the evil scientist in this one would have creeped me out when I was a kid... still does.

YouTube link.


thormoo said...

Simply the best cartoon character EVER in one of the best episodes EVER...I laughed so hard I almost...wish I hadn't!

Spockgirl said...

Just as long as you didn't hurt yourself or pee your pants! Heheheh.