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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bee hold...

Frantic bees rush round
Summer‘s last sweet flower flush
Before drowning dusk


I noticed the other day that the two lavender bushes in the back had their second growth of the season, which is rare for me. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny, but today was on and off, with rather gusty winds whooshing the clouds through. Since the rain is going to be coming soon, I figured I had better cut them back once more, and whilst out there, saw a rather fat, fuzzy bee clinging tightly to one of the lavender heads. It totally ignored me as I snipped away, and after a few minutes, I went inside to grab the cell phone so that I could take a few pictures. I got back and it hadn't moved an inch. The wind was blowing the stems around, so the pictures wouldn't come out clear enough, and in addition to that, for a few moments, I thought that the bee was dead, and not just ignoring me..  with no movement at all, but then there was...

I had to hold the stem so it wouldn't move in the wind.
Didn't seem to mind...
... at all...

No frantic bee was this.

Take a seat?

This one had me chuckling...

From Noahware.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

September sky...

September sun 2011

and the year before that:

Late September day
Lazy warm sun, crisp cool wind
Whispers of Autumn

Sun on my shoulders
Light autumn breeze at my back
Earth as in Heaven

Cloud dusted blue sky
Lingering September sun
Dream of Autumn‘s kiss


Be prepared...

It had been a while since the last trip up to the grocery store and the fridge was getting rather bare. The last few weeks during our heat wave, I had been cooking pasta that has been sitting in the cupboard for a few years, and just making quick and easy tuna, cheese and pasta salads, with Miracle Whip, Kraft Bacon Ranch Dressing and chopped up onion. I had also added chopped cucumber and other times, red peppers. Oh... there is a story about the slimy cucumber and a tub of yogurt with a best before date of January, 2009... yes... I ate them... yes... I am alive... no... I didn't get sick. I don't like to waste anything... and there was no mold.

I have had a couple bags of apples sitting in the fridge for several months, and some of the apples were feeling rather.. spongy, for lack of a better word, so a week ago, I threw together an apple crisp with some red grapes (in the fridge for a couple weeks) tossed in for something a little different. I didn't reduce the sugar as much as I usually do, so it was a little too sweet, but still good nonetheless. I was quite surprised as to the crispy ... and... chewy texture of the sugary, oatmeal topping.

I finally did end up going to the grocery store on the weekend, and in addition to re-stocking the near empty fridge, I also cleaned the entire thing out, wiping down shelves, drawers, and all, which I hadn't done in quite some time.  So in addition to buying food, I was also delivered of some Italian Prune Plums from the tree in aged father's yard, as well as a few tomatoes, and some other goodies, as pictured above.

I had bought a package of extra lean ground sirloin with the intention of making Shepherd's Pie, but I ended up not making that, and a couple days later decided to do up a batch of chili, with the beef instead of just vegetarian as I usually do. I had one onion left... chopped that up... along with the remaining red peppers from the fridge, one of the green peppers from aged father's garden, and the other wee red, perhaps anaheim peppers, together with that mutant green-banana pepper hybrid thing. Had everything prepped and ready to go, went to grab the canned tomatoes and red kidney beans from the cupboard... only to find that I had no more cans of red kidney beans left. Sooo.... I decided to make the chili anyways, sans beans... such that it almost ended up being more like a taco beef mixture instead of chili. The bonus to this is that I have several options with this mixture. I can use it as a topping with shredded tex-mex cheese over baby spinach, as a dip with tortilla chips, or in a spicy beef and cheese omelette. I figure I will get seven or eight meals out of the one package of beef at $5.64.

As for the surprise lack of beans, I say... be prepared...  or if you aren't completely certain that you are prepared, be prepared for the unexpected, or be prepared for adapt and modify... even if it is just in the kitchen.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The journey...


Some people were meant to make the journey alone. 
I came to understand that I am one of those people.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011


For lunch yesterday, I had a bowl of popcorn with cinnamon-sugar sprinkled on top. For dinner, I had prepared a wonderful pot of oat bran with raisins and was getting ready to chow down when I was offered dinner out. Needless to say, I took up that offer. Ended up eating a little bit too much at the Chinese smorgasbord, but of course, still had to have a fortune cookie, which once again afforded me two prognosticating pieces of paper:

I'd say it sounds very promising. However, the word delightful is questionable in my vocabulary. If you ever hear me utter the word "delightful" in conversation, you will know that I have been abducted by aliens and my body taken over by a parasitic brain-sucking space creature. It all sounds lovely. Wait a minute...  wha?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

S is for....

Was running late for obligatory sporting activity last week and just happened to look up ... saw this...  Couldn't help but think of Commissioner Gordon sending out the bat signal.

The Road Trip Test...

Road Trips seem to be a recurring theme here in the last couple months or so, so tonight when I clicked on ten random quizzes over at Blogthings, I knew I had to do this one.

You see companionship and loyalty as what's most important in life.

You live life at a fairly leisurely pace. You take time to enjoy the sweeter parts of life, even when you're busy.

You're willing to take a few risks in life. You may not take the road no one travels, but you're happy to take the road less traveled.

You are able to find a fairly healthy balance between work and play. You work when you need to, but you never let yourself burn out.

In another life, you could have been a great artist. You trust your creative instincts enough to let them lead you.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great advice...

"Dance like a madman, win the respect of colleagues and foes. Continually turning around in a circle is not a good way to avoid seeing the horrors you have created. Your life is a mess, now stop getting dizzy and sort it out."

My wacky horoscope from Laughsend today, which is, for the most part, oddly enough what I've been trying to tell myself for a while now.


Holding the sun...

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Crunchie bar and Cheese Puffs...

Sun-kissed dawn awakes
From slumbering chill, partakes
Fall‘s glorious feast


Last night and into the wee small hours of the morning I was cold. I am quite certain I slept at some point, as I do recall having dreams, all of which are now a jumble. At some point before I went to bed I went and looked back in my stash of not-quite-haiku from a couple years ago and shared one that seemed to hint of possibility. Well... little did I know... 

I was getting ready to head out earlier today, putting boots on, grabbed my jacket and hoodie, opened the door and... bam, smack, whoosh...I came back inside and closed the door. Damn... it was HOT! and muggy... Could not believe it, considering how cold it had been... I had been. Needless to say, I switched out of the boots to flip-flops and did not take the hoodie or jacket. Ran a couple errands and by the time I got half way across town... I was... how shall I put this... wilting.  On the way home, stopped at the corner store to grab a Crunchie bar and bag of Cheese Puffs for lunch and/or dinner. At the last minute, I decided to splurge on a lottery ticket... just because, well, it seemed the order of the day. That being said however, I may be foolishly serious in my hopes of winning the lottery, but  I'm not holding my breath for customers to come in the shop, otherwise I'll be dead by the time six o'clock rolls around.

Anyways, what I didn't know, or perhaps realize, until I got home, is that today is the first day of Fall. I went back into the stash and found the perfect not-quite-haiku for today.

It's dark out and raining...

Late September sun
Warms the heart with memories
Rekindles the soul

ckiSep 21 2009

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Earlier tonight I was thinking about Eeyore and this little book I was given as a gift many years ago, called "Eeyore's gloomy Little Instruction Book". That got me to thinking about something along the lines of Eeyore's Little Wisdoms, or perhaps the Tao of Eeyore. Anyways, I read through it and found this little bit.

"When you shout "Is anybody at home?" into a rabbit hole, and a voice answers "No!", it probably means you're not welcome." 

A little while ago, I found a bunch of what are deemed to be "stupid signs" online, and this one seemed to fit today's theme very well.

Have to wonder if it isn't the signs that are stupid.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


YouTubeLink. (Views 70,447)

From Noahware.

Did you ever wonder....

what happened to all the other airplane flights on September 11, 2001? The ones that were not allowed to land in the U.S. because of what took place on that day? I hadn't, but somehow at some point this year, I read about something called Operation Yellow Ribbon. Today I googled it and found some official information at Nav Canada and some personal stories and links here. I hadn't planned on writing anything about it, until I saw a video today that posed the question "Did you ever wonder what happened to the people stranded in Manhattan in the midst of the chaos on that day?

YouTubeLink. (Views 696,609)

From Noahware.

Monday, September 19, 2011

That one thing...

The other day in a post I wrote "Sometimes one little thing can make a big difference.". Today, this story caught my eye. I've heard of a cat or a dog saving their human, but ... a ... rabbit?

Also earlier today I went over to read Thormoo's blog, and found he had posted this video yesterday. That one little thing in this personal story gives new meaning to the saying "There but for the Grace of God go I."

Not everyone has defining moments in their lives, but I would hope that everyone has that one little thing that makes a difference in their life, whether it be a nudge, a spark, an inspiration, an idea, a person, a pet, an event... anything. That one thing that makes them realize the value and worth of their life, and makes them want to live it.

Priest and Your Highness...

My not quite Movie Reviews:

I watched this and another movie a couple weeks ago, so with the way my memory works, I can only do a very brief synopsis.

Matrix Motorcycle riding Mad Max I am Legend Vampire hunter (Paul Bettany) battles mutant offspring (a hot Karl Urban vampire cowboy) of Alien-VampirebatQueen among others. Included are cool rides and weapons, a Fellowship of the Ring Troll-like guard dog creature, Van Helsing vampire sacs,  Christopher Plummer (Van Helsing in Dracula 2000) in a perfectly suited role, Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard) kicking ass, and a blue eyed hottie sheriff (I can't remember the actor's name.)... and of course a niece/daughter/girlfriend damsel in distress.

The other one I watched on the same night was "Your Highness", which I actually wrote a few notes on.

Campy, raunchy, hilarious... 

"Prepare thyself for one twisted tale..."  I admit... I burst out laughing a few times before the opening credits were finished.

Some lines that I made note of:

"How can people so little run so fast..."

"Rather stay here with my blade and f*** things up."

"I can’t do it... I can’t do it... It’s so mean."

"Now shut up... or I’ll love you less."

"Look at yourself. Why would anyone ever want to be with you?” "Hmm... I’m not sure really... Oh .. yeah... perhaps because I’m rich, I live in a castle and I can do magic."

Yeah... I mentioned in the previous post that I wasn't planning on doing a post tonight (or this morning if one is being picky), but since I was awake and have a slightly unsettled stomach, I figured what the heck.


2AM...   aircraft flying low overhead. In the distance sounded like a helicopter, but as it drew nearer, more like a small plane. Must be low cloud cover. Looked out the bedroom window and could only see the light as it passed by rather slowly. Must have been a helicopter looking for something... but at this hour? Forest fire? Possible, even though it has been raining for two days. Wasn't headed in the direction to or from the airport or the fire base.  It was headed south across town ...  so rather strange. It sounded as though it circled around in the distance, and then I heard it once again, ten minutes later, but farther away. Then just now, another aircraft passed by higher overhead, that almost sounded like a water bomber. Hmm....

I wasn't planning on doing a blogpost, but this seemed just a tad odd, so I figured why not. Something completely different for me to write about anyways.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Sometimes one little thing can make a big difference.

The hardest part...

is not knowing. It is the uncertainty. It is the conflict that arises when what you know and what you do not know rub against each other. These things ebb and flow until at some point enough momentum builds such that they come crashing together.

Logic... clean, simple, unwavering, like a rock cliff face. Emotions.. the calm ocean, the tides ebbing and flowing, the waves crashing against that rock cliff face. The ocean waves nibble away at the rock, wear it down, erode the surface.

It is cold and quiet, gray and dreary. My ever faithful companion can provide no warmth or comfort today.

I have examined Logic and Emotion before, maybe once or twice, but my own thoughts offer me no insight nor guidance at this time.

I am drowning.

I might have been mistaken...

A little while back I mentioned that there did not appear to be any new growth on the Peace Rose bush this year. I left it at that, and just let things go in that small section of garden. When I went to cut back some of the grape vines that had run amok, I realized that I was wrong, finding two tiny buds forming in the greenery. Anyways... I  suppose I was rather neglectful after that as well, and had not been back there much at all, until last weekend, being surprised by this:

Then the other day on my way out the door, it was raining for the first time in a couple weeks, so I figured I would take the garden chairs to the basement, but was distracted by this: 

"I might have been mistaken." 

nb: The apt title for this post is also a rather memorable line, to me anyways, spoken by the raspy voice of Michael Wincott as Rochefort, as he lay dying after being bested by the young D'Artagnan in the 1993 fun, rompy version of The Three Musketeers. I haven't watched it in ages, and it is one of the movies that I have on VHS, not DVD, but the delivery of that line has stuck in my mind all these years.

Since last time...

Don't forget they are still over there.

To honour the fallen since last time.

U.S. (Ore, Tex (3), Wis, NC (2), Ind,
Cali (3), Ga (2), Okla (3), SC,
Fla (3), NY, Idaho, Va, Ky)
UK (2)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chocolate and Wasabi...

When I was younger and could eat whatever I wanted, one of my favouritest things was cashews and a glass of ice cold orange juice. I very rarely buy cashews or orange juice nowadays, but ... oh... I remember how good they were together.

Anyways...  earlier this evening, I was trying to figure out something I could make for a snack, eschewing more labour intensive endeavours that would require mixing and baking and waiting, and I was struck with an inspiration. In the cupboard, I knew there was a container of Wasabi Cashews, which may have been in there for over five years by now. On the counter, I have a stack of Baker's Chocolate that needs to be used up. Let's just say that I had them in the cupboard for over five years as well and had moved them to the counter about two years ago, with the intent of making a chocolate cheesecake or something which I could experiment on. That didn't quite pan out.  So... what I decided to do was place one square of semi-sweet chocolate and one of unsweetened into a small bowl, nuke it for a minute thirty, stir it up, dump in some of the cashews, coat them and drop them individually onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.  With the small bit of chocolate remaining in the bowl, I added a wee handful of cashews, and ate them as is...  The bonus?  I even got to lick the spoon. The leftover chocolate was infused with the wasabi coating that had rubbed off the cashews. It was yummy.

After a couple hours, I snuck into the fridge, a couple times, and had a few of the chilled chocolate covered, crunchy coated cashewy wonders.

The garden of neglect...

Some things do survive in the garden of neglect...
perhaps even thrive in it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


You are born... and then you die. Somewhere in between there is this thing called Life. Apparently I missed the memo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ghostly Garden...

What the heck is Googlebot?

In the last few months, Sitemeter indicated that I was receiving visits by At first it was pretty random, so I didn't bother to find out exactly what it was, and just figured it for an automated surfing program of some sort. I have noticed two different IP addresses, and that sometimes there is one pageview and other times, several, wherein the visit can last as long as twenty minutes or more. I wasn't planning on writing about this, except for the interesting fact that I now get more vists from Googlebot than I do from real people. Anyways, I did end up Googling Googlebot just out of curiosity. I still think it is weird considering the randomosity of my blog content.

Another interesting thing that I have noticed, is that Blogger Stats picks up pageviews and traffic sources that do not appear in Sitemeter and I am wondering if the lengthy or frequent Googlebot visits are interfering with Sitemeter's tracking. Oh well.. whatever.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today was only a little warm compared to the last few days, but it was hot, stuffy and muggy inside at the first night of the obligatory sporting activity. Went outside for some fresh air and had to snap a picture of this view to the North. The black lines along the bottom are power lines.

I can't get over how fake the mountains look.

September Moon

The moon was shining brightly through the evergreen trees tonight. I just couldn't capture it properly. The tree branches looked like black lace over the illuminated sky.

Monday, September 12, 2011

That one tomato...

Last week I was delivered of some fruits and such from the little roadside stand that we used to visit every summer when we were kids. Apparently it is now run by the great grandson of the original proprietors, which is rare these days, and very cool. The other day I went a googling, and found a video for that same little fruit stand.  

For a change, I set the fruits in a bowl on the kitchen table, instead of just tossing them in the fridge drawer.

Today, I tried the massive Beefsteak Tomato, and what can I say... it was delicious. I toasted a big hamburger bun, buttered it, slathered on some Miracle Whip, added a very thick slice of the tomato, some Kraft Bacon Ranch Dip and baby spinach. Honestly, it was on par with the pleasure of eating an actual hamburger... it was that good. Juicy, tasty, hanging out the edges of the bun, with just the right amount of tanginess. Frankly, the tomatoes you get at the grocery store are nothing compared to this.

The other thing I threw together, just to see how it would be, was chopped tomato, red peppers and red grapes, tossed with some Kraft Greek Feta and Oregano dressing and Garlic Tabasco Sauce. Not bad... not bad at all.  The touch of sweetness from the red grapes was a great foil for the dressing. 

The great thing about that one tomato is that it is big enough for two meals, maybe even three.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The second time around...

Hmm... a truly happy middle aged couple. I wonder... Is it love the second time around for both of them or is it in fact love for the first time?  Ah... too funny... a scene from the Princess Bride just popped into my head.

Celebrating with old friends, a great wine (Fetzer Gewurtztraminer), a not that great wine (J Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon), good food and...  instead of a traditional wedding cake... cupcakes! Of course I got one with a purple flower.

Me at the end of the night.

You know you are getting old when:

You go to a friend's wedding and you leave the party before midnight. (Of course though, regardless of that fact, I still ended up not being able to fall asleep til probably 5am.)

Guys can be creative too...

... even if it is just to cause destruction and make a mess of things. In this case, Demolition Derby and 4 x 4 races.

One particular day...

Friday, September 9, 2011


I felt something. I had just walked up the front stairs and something brushed against me. I thought it was an errant clematis vine, but when I turned around there was nothing there. My second thought was ... spider? I looked again, but not expecting to find this:

All I could think of was... Can a spider eat a dragonfly? I thought surely it was dead. Unlocked the door, went inside, grabbed the cell phone to take a picture. When I went back out, it was moving its legs... or what I would rather think of as arms...  It was alive. You'd think that the stress of its body pulling on its wing stuck to the web would have caused too much damage. I carefully pinched off about ten inches of the web strand and was trying to get a decent photo with the wind blowing, whilst trying to figure out a safe place to set it down.

As I was nearing the back porch, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, another red dragonfly flying nearby, and found the perfect spot. I gently placed it down on a pine cone in an unused planter, held down the web as close as I could to the wing and pulled the rest of the sticky stringy part off.  A little bit of the goo was still stuck to the end of its wing, but it should be fine.

I don't believe that I've ever seen a Red Dragonfly before...  and it had come to my door.

A Few Good Things... Ice Cream

Further to me drooling over the Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bar, let's just say that I have had food on the brain lately, and even now, as I write this. In particular, ice cream, a hamburger with fries and ice cream, bacon, pork sausages, roast chicken, and pizza.  The other day a rustic apple tart came to mind as well as pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Needless to say, I have just managed to make myself hungry at 1AM, but... I just brushed my teeth, so there will be no eating now. Nor for that matter do I have any of those food items in the house.

Oh, I think I got a little sidetracked just now. I was supposed to be writing about ice cream.

Breyer's Classics Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Nescafe Rich French Vanilla Instant Coffee crystals sprinkled on top. Not really my absolute favourite ice cream flavour, but it is a "go to" choice, and in this case, you get three flavours in one... the mint... the chocolate... and the added bonus... coffee.

Nestle Rolo Sundae Cups. Pretty good, but too darn sweet once you get near the bottom of the cup. And the "spoon" that comes with the cup is a tad too small, which I suppose is a good thing such that you cannot reach the too sweet portion at the bottom.  Not really a fan of Rolo... would rather have a Caramilk, but still... had to try this out.

Oh... another tasty treat which never fails is the Klondike Ice Cream Sandwich which is simplicity at its finest. A very thick layer of vanilla ice cream nestled between soft, not crumbly, chocolate wafers. Yum. You would figure me more for a chocolate ice cream purist, but I have found that the blending of chocolate and vanilla by way of  two different textures seems to have the same, if not sometimes greater appeal.

One flavour of ice cream that I found surpassed chocolate a few years ago, but which I have not partaken of in a couple years is Espresso Flake. I don't remember which company made it, but it was absolutely delicious.  I suppose a Mocha Moo Latte from Dairy Queen would work well in its place. I haven't had one of those in a long while either. Come to think of it, I haven't even had plain chocolate ice cream in a few years.... or an old-fashioned chocolate milkshake, made with real chocolate ice cream...


Thursday, September 8, 2011

That Darn Wheel of Life...

I wrote something called "I am the Hamster" a while back, so finding this tonight was a hoot:

(Note:  Yes, you have to watch to the very end for full effect.)

From Noahware.


Just some fluffy crap that spewed forth a couple years ago. 
Yes, sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from.

Sun beyond the clouds
Free as the filtering light
On a windy day

To be in the sun
Feel warmth and comfort and love
In tranquility

Show the way to Peace
To give love, comfort and warmth
Reason for being

ckiSep 21 2009

Walk in the dark....

"If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark."                                      St. John of the Cross

I wrote that little tidbit in a journal two or three years ago. It was true to me then and even truer now, as I yet struggle to find my way in the dark. This morning, after not quite three hours of not quite sleep once again, I went to find something to stimulate my mind, and I rediscovered those words. So... when I went agoogling for information, I ended up finding the following, from here:

The Dark Night Of The Soul
By Saint John of the Cross
translated by A.Z. Foreman

Songs of the soul rejoicing at having achieved the high state of perfection, the Union with God, by way of spiritual negation.

Once in a dark of night,
Inflamed with love and wanting, I arose
(O coming of delight!)
And went, as no one knows,
When all my house lay long in deep repose

All in the dark went right,
Down secret steps, disguised in other clothes,
(O coming of delight!)
In dark when no one knows,
When all my house lay long in deep repose.

And in the luck of night
In secret places where no other spied
I went without my sight
Without a light to guide
Except the heart that lit me from inside.

It guided me and shone
Surer than noonday sunlight over me,
And lead me to the one
Whom only I could see
Deep in a place where only we could be.

O guiding dark of night!
O dark of night more darling than the dawn!
O night that can unite
A lover and loved one,
A lover and loved one moved in unison.

And on my flowering breast
Which I had kept for him and him alone
He slept as I caressed
And loved him for my own,
Breathing an air from redolent cedars blown.

And from the castle wall
The wind came down to winnow through his hair
Bidding his fingers fall,
Searing my throat with air
And all my senses were suspended there.

I stayed there to forget.
There on my lover, face to face, I lay.
All ended, and I let
My cares all fall away
Forgotten in the lilies on that day.

The Original:

La Noche Oscura Del Alma
San Juan De La Cruz

Cançiones del alma que se goça d’auer llegado al alto estado de la perfecçion, que es la union con Dios, por el camino de la negaçion espiritual

En una noche obscura,
con ansias en amores imflamada,
¡oh dichosa uentura!
sali sin ser notada,
estando ya mi casa sosegada.

Abscuras y segura,
por la secreta escala disfraçada,
¡oh dichosa uentura!
a escuras y ençelada,
estando ya mi casa sosegada.

En la noche dichosa,
en secreto, que nadie me ueya,
ni yo miraua cosa,
sin otra luz ni guia
sino la que en el coraçon ardia.

Aquesta me guiaua
mas cierto que la luz del mediodia,
adonde me esperaua
quien yo bien me sabia,
en parte donde nadie parecia.

¡Oh noche que me guiaste!
¡oh noche amable mas que el aluorada!,
¡oh noche que juntaste
amado con amada,
amada en el amado transformada!

Y en mi pecho florido,
que entero para el solo se guardaua,
alli quedo dormido,
y yo le regalaua,
y el ventalle de cedros ayre daua.

El ayre de la almena,
cuando ya sus cabellos esparzia,
con su mano serena
en mi cuello heria,
y todos mis sentidos suspendia.

Quedeme y oluideme,
el rostro recline sobre el amado,
ceso todo, y dexeme,
dexando mi cuidado
entre las açucenas olvidado.

Blog of Poetry in Translation

Knowing but a few words in Spanish, I cannot comment on the literal translation itself, but I find this rendering to be both beautiful and poetic, being, as much as I can discern, far from cut, translate, paste. I say this of course having only a great fondness and appreciation for the written word, poetry in particular, and how it flows off the tongue in any language. Myself not being much for regret in my life or envy of another's, I find that I feel a touch of envy for this young man's thirst for knowledge and passion for linguisitics. The funny thing about this is that I have always considered myself as being devoid of passion, or deep emotion, and yet this work speaks to me on an even deeper level.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sun scorched...

In other words, the photo of the sun that didn't turn out properly.

Amended (more like what my eyes saw):

The cool thing about a heatwave in September instead of July or August is that although the sun is just as intense, the daylight hours are fewer and the nighttime temperatures drop considerably, such that the house remains cool. Yesterday the differential was 18 degrees. In the next few days daytime temps are expected to be consistently above 30 with a high of 34. Thus ends my boring weather report in lieu of having anything substantial to say or share. Oh... I mowed the lawn yesterday... damn hot... Let's just say I was positively glowing afterwards...  Too much information... I know.

Oh.... and... a to die for tidbit for a hot sunny day... or any day for that matter:

Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup Bar which is by far THE best Ice Cream bar... ever...  (not to be mistaken with the plain old Reese's Ice Cream Bar which is on a stick).  I don't have these very often as the cornerstore only sells them individually at $2.69 each! (With tax it comes to $3.01.) This is a must try if you haven't already.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clinging to Summer...

Beautiful bright blue
Azure painted wistful white
Lingering summer

Warm golden halo
Sheds its light from the heavens
Embraces the soul

Sun warmed blissful charms
Fade with fickle tenderness
Summer‘s last sweet kiss


nb: I figured I had better clarify that the words are not highlighted for any hidden meaning... they are simply links to other posts.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lazy Summer Sunday...

Lazy afternoon
Fading thoughts fall away
Soft September breeze

Fading white blue haze
Draws the light of dying day
Leaves the soul at peace

Soft September light
Last warmth from the dying sun
Lost dreams fading away

ckiSep 21 2009

One slow day back in September 2009, I scribbled several of these in a journal. I have posted a few separately, some with accompanying photos, but these three seemed to go well together due to their repetitive nature. Late this afternoon I sat outside in the backyard, soaking in the sun and eating a bowl of ice cream, instead of ... mowing the lawn. When I came back inside, I went searching, and found them to be a perfect reflection of today.

Out of formation...


The beauty of solitude that I so eagerly embraced settles into silent sorrow as the wind draws its dying breath and the last ray of sun and warmth fades beyond the horizon.

Rather sad thing I realized tonight. I wrote "Was my life a mistake?" the day before my mom's birthday. (She would have been ... 76 today.) Sorry mom. I wish I could say that my life didn't work out the way I planned, but I can't. I would have had to make a plan in order to be able to say that.

The failure is mine.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ya think?

Pretty pithy previous post.

Pardon me...

I am sitting inside on a beautiful sunny day. Waiting. Always waiting. Waiting for customers, waiting for other people... always waiting. Waiting for phone calls and faxes, instructions and documentation... waiting for the day to end so I could do it again the next day. That was easier. That was living... or so I fooled myself into accepting, or believing...  Seems like a lifetime ago. Still waiting. Only now there is ... the wondering...

The other night my thoughts wandered into wondering...  Was my life a mistake? My entire life? I have written about this before... Would I have done anything different? No. Then how could it have been a mistake? I could have changed it. I could have done something different.  I could have, but I didn't and I wouldn't even now. In retrospect, I'm not even sure I would have ever considered saying "F*** it, I should ..." That is the point... what would have followed the word "should".... I do not know. Never will. To be honest, I never would have even bothered to think it.  But lately... especially on a day like today... a day both like and unlike so many before...  What the hell...  F*** it, this is stupid. I'm.... what?  I'm... closing shop...  I'm... going for a walk.   Yeah... wahoo...

Oh... and I was just thinking about a song...  Was going to post it, but ... Lou Reed couldn't sing worth sh**.

Oh... and ... pardon my language.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cookie, cookie, cookie...


Dammit... I made a mistake...  I had walked up to the grocery store yesterday evening, which is a brisk 18 minute walk. There were a few things on sale that I wanted to stock up on, so I arranged for a ride home. I was carrying my bag, my jacket and the grocery basket as I made my way around the store, and by the end, I was running out of arms. I had wanted to pick up an ice cream, as the little bucket of Breyer's was on for $2.99, so when I was ready, I quickly went to the freezer aisle and grabbed a Chocolate Chip Ice Cream...   or so I thought...  I got home and was unpacking the groceries when I realized that I had picked up Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough instead of just Chocolate Chip. Dammit...  Anyways... not quite my thing, but... of course... I'll eat it regardless. (Note: Sprinkle on some instant coffee crystals and it is not too bad... )

Funny thing is, I have been thinking about Chocolate Chip Cookies for a couple weeks or so...  The big thin, slightly crisp, slightly chewy kind that I remember one of the aunt's used to make. I was so very tempted to bake.

This morning in an email I received this. I couldn't stop smiling.

YouTubeLink. (Views 114,074)

Oddly enough, I have found myself on Sesame Street before. And just the other day, I had been thinking about the Tickle Me Elmo that my niece had when she was a baby. Somehow I have a vague recollection of being able to imitate that (perhaps annoying?) laugh. Hmm... seems like a long time ago.

I wish I could...

I got a kick out of this horoscope.

"Independence is key for you, Aries, so even though it may not be Independence Day, feel free to celebrate anyhow. Give thanks to all the freedoms you have, and make sure you're taking advantage of them. You are your own entity with a strong life force that's capable of anything. Gather your spirit, mount your horse, and ride off to adventure."

Yes to the independence part, but no Independence Day up here, or any likelihood of celebrating. Yes to the giving thanks to all the freedoms, but no to the taking advantage of them. Yes to the own entity/strong life force, but struggling with it and the capable of anything part. As to the last... I wish I could.

ps:  Why was I looking at horoscopes instead of sleeping and why was I writing this at 3:30 in the morning? Well... I fell asleep sometime around 1AM... Woke up at 2:05AM... completely wide awake...  that's why. I suppose I could say "I wish I could sleep"... but technically I already did... for one whole hour. So... good night, good morning.

Oh... I just realized how well this ties in to the previous post.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have no idea whatsoever what made me think of this song tonight. Grabbed the CD to take a listen, and then went agoogling for a link and info...  Catchy tune from 1997 by a Brit band called Pitchshifter. I think I first heard it on one of the Mortal Kombat soundtracks. Ah... it must have been the repetitive lyrics and the word dysfunction that seemed appropriate to me.