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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our eyes they burn...

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that it would be music once again that has unlocked another memory, this time another from what I have deemed my lost decade. I was switching out my "music to try to fall asleep to" and popped in "Machine" by Static X.. This CD is from 2001. Hard to believe it has been that long. "Burn to Burn", one of my favourites, is on this CD. What I did NOT remember is that it is a great album in its entirety, and that I used to listen to it almost every day, together with Korn. That... is what I just remembered tonight.  I may not have memories of my life, but it seems I know what music I was listening to to get me through whatever I was going through. Or... perhaps, the music was just more memorable or valuable to me than the daily events of my life. Could very well be.

Oddly enough, listening to Burn to Burn tonight, the words seem to resonate with the way life is right now. 
"We give to take
Our eyes
They burn
Sensing the feel
Feeling the real
Burn to burn
The seed we sow
Burn to flow
Into the sorrow
Burn to burn
The seed we sow
Burn to grow
Into the sorrow
I'm staring deep
I'm staring bleak
I search in vain "

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