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Friday, September 10, 2010

Remember.... always

I am sharing this little part of me to honour the memory of those who died and those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.

your name rests upon my tongue
in silence, then spoken softly
and whispered to the wind
it shall be carried for an eternity
in every murmur
every breath
every sigh
and though reason be lost
or time decay
you shall remain
within the infinite
of my soul.
cki 2010

My memory is filled with many blank spaces. However, I clearly remember where I was when the 9/11 attacks happened and I also remember every day after that waiting anxiously for news of survivors being pulled out, because some part of me knew that there just had to be...It didn't matter that I was so far away or that I didn't know anyone in the buildings, on the planes nor on the ground. For whatever reason, I remembered that I had scribbled this poem in a journal a couple years ago and went to find it. I looked at the page and found that I had originally written it on September 11, 2008.


Southern Class said...

Spockgirl, you mentioned in your post, something to the effect that you were far away on that fateful day. As I see it, if you are a productive citizen of the planet, you were not at all "far away". Just as I often rebuke those who say that 9/11 only affected 3000 people and their families. It affected far more than the 300 million or so people here in the USA, bothering people all around the world. That you noticed, that you commented on it shows that it has affected you as well.
And, a poem written a year before can be seen to be relative to that ugly day?????? Who knows....

Spockgirl said...

I wrote that poem on Sept 11, 2008, but I know for sure that I did not write it to anyone in particular and it was not intended as a memorial to the day. What is odd is that what I wrote stuck out in my mind enough for me to go back and find it, and to actually have the guts to post it. As for its relevance, you have to read it to someone that you cared for deeply and have lost.

Kristina Divine said...

I love this poem too. Thanks for having the guts to share it. As far as Sept. 11th goes, I think it invokes many things in people. A sort of self check, to see if we are who we want to be.... Empathy for those who lost a loved one.... Anger for those who killed so many. It is definitely a defining moment in World History.

Spockgirl said...

Thanks Kristina. That was a big step for me to share that.