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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tetris is evil...

Tetris playing vandals image from here.

Tetris helps take my mind off things. Why is this evil? Because it takes my mind off things that perhaps I should be thinking about.  Tetris helps me regain my focus. Why is this evil? Because I regain focus, but not on what I should be focusing on. I can't play Tetris whilst listening to Metallica. Why is this evil? Well... because I can do anything listening to Metallica except Tetris, therefore it must be evil.

I only started playing this last year, after I had worn out all the possible game scenarios on Solitaire, and could not do any better on Spider Solitaire, and after I had worn out the mouse battery in less than three months. I just decided that it would be better not to play any games that required the mouse. Tetris, which I had played maybe once before was suited to my logic based mind, and to keep me grounded. Eh? Why would I need to be kept grounded? If I was any more grounded I would be six feet under. Exactly.

It is pretty bad when you play a game and as soon as the lights go off and you close your eyes all you can see are these tiny coloured blocks scuttling down your eyelids. Evil I say.


Harvey said...

So... tried Minesweeper yet?

As as timekiller, it's not without its charms.

Voice of experience, here.

Spockgirl said...

I did try Minesweeper a while back, but not quite my thing. I actually don't play Tetris to kill time, I play it to "shut off" and shift focus. One of its other evils is that I like to speed up the blocks and sometimes neglect to blink. Focus can become an issue if you don't blink before level 10.