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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The pointy end of the sword...

At some point in my life, or perhaps on more than one occasion in my life, I determined quite matter of factly, and based on practical reasons, that life was in fact...  pointless. My life that is... not anyone else's. How is it that I came to this conclusion? Well... let's examine this. The function of human beings... is... to perpetuate the species, that is... to birth, nurture, protect and advance the human race. I have therefore failed as a human being on a cellular level. Hell, upon further analysis, I have also failed on an economic, societal, cultural and familial level. Not that I filed for bankruptcy, killed anyone, spit on anyone or abused anyone.... no... nothing so dramatic. I am not saying this in an "I feel sorry for myself" or "my life sucks" sort of way. This is simply a statement of factual observation, and I take full responsibility for the whole freaking mess of nothing that is my life... or should I say... lack thereof.

So... if it is indeed pointless, then what is the point of this post? Well, at some point, you have to make a decision as to which pointless option you will opt for. If Point A is pointless and Point B is pointless, how does one choose? You might then ask... but what about Point C? Well... Point C is an interesting option. Point C involves giving up, lying in bed all day or likewise playing on the computer all day, losing everything, including one's dignity, letting everything go, letting everything fall apart, until they cart you away. So.... the options are: Point A being the blunt end of the sword where one spends the rest of one's days banging one's head against the wall; Point B being the pointy end of the sword, which for all intents and purposes should NOT be an option; or Point C being the rusty sword that fades, deteriorates and becomes a useless shred of what it once was.

Which option do I prefer? That would be Point D:  None of the above.

ps: Please note that the letter "p" and the word "point" have been plastered in this piece and was completely intentional. This is allowing my primarily pragmatic persona to perfunctorily express my pointless pithiness.


Harvey said...

Ok, if the function of human beings is to perpetuate the species of human beings, I think that means that the function of A human being is to perpetuate his own life.

You're alive, so I think you've done your job.

And since you have a blog, you're actually exceeding the minimum requirements.

Spockgirl said...

I beg to disagree. I am alive because someone gave birth to me and other human beings perpetuated my life. At this point I am solely perpetuating my existence, not my life and therefore am not perpetuating the human species.

The blog, although a pleasant distraction, is merely maintaining my existence, not perpetuating my life. Of course, I would be willing to let someone disprove this theory.

CapGirl said...

The need to perpetuate the species was a biological urge that was the focus of humanity until we realized that there are more things to life than just that, hence the number of people that choose not to have children but contribute to society in many other ways. Contributing to society is important but perhaps you're letting your thoughts be a little too grand in what you need to do to justify your existence - you need to think smaller. Have you been kind to someone today? Have you done something good for yourself so that you will be able to pass that good feeling on to someone else? Cut yourself some slack and remember the joy. Love L

Spockgirl said...

Hmm... too funny... "need to think smaller"? At this point in my daily existence, "thinking any smaller" would be not a good thing, as that is what contributed to this problem in the first place... but I know where you're coming from. The other day I held the door open for an elderly lady (which I always do)at the P.O. and she smiled and said thank you. That is about as grand as it gets, but doesn't really change anything in the big scheme of things.

Thanks for coming out for such a long visit!