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Saturday, January 29, 2011

NHL Superheroes???

 As I was signing out of hotmail today, something caught my eye about NHL Superheroes... and when I checked it out, this is what it was about. Of course I was totally unaware it was NHL All-Star Weekend, due to the fact that I don't watch tv. It is an interesting concept, but a little weird...  as I wonder what the old time greats like Rocket Richard and Boom Boom Geoffrion would have thought about such an idea... as... this:

So I figured I would check out the All-Star picks and found that I recognized maybe... none of them... except the Sedin twins, who apparently are playing against each other for the first time ever. Boy do I feel old.


T1G said...

I was looking at the Blackhawks' stupor hero... and feeling a little bit gypped.

Spockgirl said...

Yeah, I was actually going to email you that before I posted it. I was looking at that and thinking wha?? Looks like a Samurai Transformer dude... from when they first came out. Detroit's isn't much better. I think the Canadien is the most traditional looking... to be expected though.