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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Movie Review

I actually put my feet up for perhaps the first time ever, and watched the movie “Red” the other day. The trailer to this one looked great, and I was looking forward to it due primarily for it being an action film with a sense of humour.  A bonus was the star studded, but aging cast, including, but not limited to, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich. The special treat for me was the youngster of the group, Karl Urban, previously seen in Doom and The Chronicles of Riddick among some other small action movies (heh). I liked the non-descript, casual opening sequence as all the names of well-known actors popped discreetly on screen. I also found the beginning of the film rather charming, and caught myself chuckling a lot.

Bruce is... well Bruce... Like him... always have. Even when he HAD hair. I’m sort of glad that he hasn’t YET fallen into the dad roles or the granddad roles like some of my other favourites actors from not so long ago. Mary Louise Parker does very well seeming lost and overwhelmed, but with spunk. John Malkovich... What can be said about John Malkovich... He is probably only one of a fingerful of actors who could pull off carrying around a stuffed pink pig. He has some great lines and he carries weird so well.... Morgan Freeman ...IS Morgan Freeman. Richard Dreyfuss.. wow... he has aged... and not so well, yet somehow still the same. Brian Cox... is even creepy playing a not so bad spy guy with a heart.  And... Helen Mirren... looks fabulous and classy as usual, with a couple nice touches.... In one scene, whilst wearing an elegant white evening gown, she trades her heels for boots... and she fires a BFG without blinking...

The brief close quarters fight scene between Bruce and Karl was almost too brief, but I thought, well choreographed and edited for both action and sound. Not to be outdone by the cast, there is some “overthetopness” in the weapons firing category in a couple scenes, but overall, the cast, writing, weapons and explosions balanced each other out. I did feel a lull somewhere in the middle of the movie, but that was probably just me.

Some lines that stood out in my mind: 

"Do you know what the punishment is .... ?” “Death or Life in prison.” “Awesome!”

"Old man my ass!”

“ 6’1, cute hair.”

“Wow... you are asking me for help? That is so lame.... ”

“If you break his heart, I will kill you and bury your body in the woods.”


Ryan said...

I wasn't sure about this one until I read your review, yes I think I will watch it now. Brian Cox is a very underrated actor. Do you remember Bruce in Moonlighting? Lol

Spockgirl said...

I couldn't pass up watching the great cast in this one. Brian Cox has been around for years, but he just has a creepy bad guy feel.

And... yes... I think Moonlighting was when I first saw Bruce, with Cybill... I loved the banter. But aren't you too young to have seen it when it originally aired???

Ralphd00d said...

Glad to hear a good review for this one. I am so waiting patiently to see it (in my queue at Netflix).

Spockgirl said...

I'm still not quite sure about my movie reviews... They are NOT exactly a "critique"... in the most critical sense. They are simply my thoughts and impressions in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

I like your movie posts and I hope you do more in the future.
I'm old enough to remember Moonlighting....that was massive here in the U.K. and Brian Cox has been around for years.He was the original Hannibal Lector in Manhunter, directed by Michael Mann(Miami Vice) and co-starring Grissom? from C.S.I.
Have you seen that one ?

Spockgirl said...

... I "used to" have a great memory.. now not so much... However, I do vaguely remember Manhunter... the lead guy had curly hair and great eyes. Did NOT remember Brian Cox in that one (but of course, he would have been excellent as a psychopath)... Also... I used to be a Michael Mann fan. I admit I used to watch Miami Vice... He also directed a fave movie... Last of the Mohicans.

Oh... and I haven't watched tv for the better part of eight years, but I had heard of CSI... And.. my memory was correct... it is William Petersen, who I also remember playing Pat Garrett in a western... way back... with a bunch of actors from the 80s brat pack. I didn't realize I still had all this data in my head!

DaveO said...

John Waters does weird very well, as well.

Spockgirl said...

There you go again...

Hmm... I do know that name as a director and actor, but all I can think of is "Hairspray", even though I don't think I ever saw it, but which I believe he directed. My memory works in mysterious ways.

Curious to know what you thought of the movie... Red, not Hairspray.