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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A nice day...

Twas a beautiful, sunny, balmy 8c (46F) today.  The morning, due to previously mentioned issues, involved some bending over, some leaning over, some lying down on my side, some lying down on my stomach, some ow-age standing up, some breathing (always a good thing), but then after hunkering down for some naturally relaxing spine curvature and poppage, I checked out some blogs and found this, which made me smile.

After becoming mobile... or should I say prior to becoming mobile, my rather long-standing desire for ... chicken... set in again. Succulent roast chicken, BBQ chicken, crispy fried chicken, Chicken Cordon bleu, Cornish Game Hens... anything...  I had coupons for A & W and was able to bum a ride in order to satisfy that desire. At the last minute the thought of beef crept in... but I stood firm with a Chubby Chicken Burger combo....  waited til I got home and inhaled it. Technically it wasn't "chubby" at all, but it was damn good... made even better with ... spinach. Funny thing... my yen for chicken and spinach had brought to mind two cartoon characters I watched as a  kid.

To top it all off, I found this trailer, as well as the one for the new Transformers offering, but thus far from what I have seen, this one seems more promising.

However, I am still a little more keen on seeing Thor and the Avengers for some reason.

Now... considering the reference to Foghorn Leghorn, Popeye, Xmen, Thor and the Avengers in this post, funny thing today was my "humour" horoscope, part of which was:

"Attraction to the wrong kinds of people will increase over the coming weeks, including (but not limited to) cartoon characters and clowns."

Yeah, I know that's not what it meant, but it is still kind of funny, especially if I take a step back and see how my day to day existence has been progressing (or not) as of late.

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