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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've touched briefly a number of times on the issue of the extremely limited quality and quantity of memories from my existence here on Earth and I have thought about this issue in great detail. I am now starting to wonder if there is a direct correlation between the lack of memories and the lack of emotional attachment. For example, why is it that an aural memory such as a song or visual memory such as a movie may have remained in my mind whereas an event from childhood or anytime thereafter has not? Is it that the music or movie may have evoked a more positive emotion? Not necessarily so.

In thinking back to when I started learning to play classical piano at age five and on for a few years after that, the songs that I was drawn to and that I remember most of all are the ones written in a minor key, the ones with a melancholy tone. I am rather certain that I didn't really like playing happy songs for some reason. So perhaps the memories were retained not for positive emotion, but for any emotion at all, or for a more powerful one. In pondering this further, I also recall that I did not like the movie Bambi, even though I barely remember it. But, of what I do recall, is it because of the frightening forest fire, or because Bambi loses his mom? Or, was it because I secretly didn't like Thumper? Or... is this when I decided that I didn't like it when animals talked in movies, because it was .... silly? My memory is like a puzzle... or sponge... or sieve... or cheesecloth...who knows?


thormoo said...

Some really interesting points here. I really appreciated this post. I lived in a conflicted state where I was emotionally VERY attached in certain circumstances and very detached in others. There wasn't always a clear defining line either.

I too was and still am drawn to melancholy, sad, melodic music with intensely sad or heartfelt lyrics.

I really find it fascinating to dig deep as you are doing to try and try why I am the way I am. Very thought provoking post SG...

Spockgirl said...

Thanks T. And to think... this is just the tip of the iceberg. And the deeper I go, the more articulate I will have to be.