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Monday, March 7, 2011

Awkward position...

Earlier this afternoon, I went through a twenty minute episode of the most exquisite pain...  In trying to equate it to something I had previously experienced, I would say it was like having my finger slammed in one of  those old metal filing cabinets, but reliving that same instantaneous agony for a prolonged twenty minute period in my lower back. Did the usual tricks to try to ease it out, but nothing seemed to work. I made sure I didn't stop breathing, I tried to change to a position that didn't hurt so much... after close to twenty minutes, I found my body in a rather odd formation. In fact it is so odd that I find it difficult to explain, but I shall endeavour to do so. Perhaps I should also state that just prior to finding myself in that position, I had almost fallen off and tipped over the chair that I was sitting in. As a note of interest, these chairs I have... I call them "big ass" chairs. Technically, two people my size, could sit back to back on these chairs, so how I could almost fall off or tip one over is beyond me.

Back to my position. My left leg was bent, as if I was going to sit cross-legged. My right leg was also bent in the same angled direction as the left, with my calf flush with the hamstring and my heel touching my ass. I did take note that my right foot was actually hooked around the back frame of the chair for stability. I was bent over at the waist, looking at the computer screen (reading as a distraction), with my left arm resting on the table to the left of the laptop, and my left hand gripping the edge of the table. And that is the position which allowed the pain to subside. Makes me wonder. Would this work for anyone else?

So... it has been eight bloody days since the initial snow shovelling overdo. The fourth day and the eighth day have thus far provided the most enduring pain, and I have had enough. Furthermore I don't wish to belabour the issue here, despite the fact that it is the most entertaining part of my life. That being said, if it is becoming tedious to read about, it has most definitely become tedious and tiresome to deal with.

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