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Friday, March 4, 2011


I have often thought about the therapeutic benefits of music, but I realized that my thoughts on this particular matter might seem rather odd. Tonight as I lay curled up waiting for a throbbing ache (pursuant to my snow shovelling overdo this past week) to subside, I had a moment of clarity. Much like the music from which I glean comfort and reassurance such that I am lulled to sleep, the same can be held true for the music which this evening helped me absorb the persistent pain in my back. I shall say that most people I know consider this type of music to be "noise", but I find it calming and relaxing in its layers. However, the volume must be turned up in order to achieve this.  I would say that the most beneficial part would be the reverberations from the sub-woofer on the hardwood floor that provide a rather soothing, gentle beat to block out the recurring painful twinges.

So, as the sound of the music encompasses the air around me, so does the heartbeat of it encompass my body. I close my eyes, listen and feel to the point where I become a sphere in the midst of the music itself.  This sphere pulsates to the beat of the music and becomes part of it.  And thus the process is complete. I had almost forgotten how that felt, but am glad I rediscovered it at a time when I needed it.

I am hoping that my exciting (yes, I know exciting is not quite the right word to use) snow shovelling/ pain journey, a rather cathartic one for me, has somehow lead me back to my centre, and that I will be able to move forward.

Lunatic is one of the songs that inspired me to write this, and the title may be apropos to how I feel about having shared this tidbit of me.
(But of course, the effect of the music is lost in translation with computer speakers.)

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