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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost perfect...

A few years ago, upon exchanging Post Office platitudes with a guy I know, his answer to the "... and how about you?" was... "almost perfect". I thought to myself... now that is a nice place to be... and... his answer stayed with me. Certainly, in retrospect, I have been there on many occasions, but none on which I was asked that infernal question. Today, in all regards, was not one of those occasions. Today, "almost perfect" relates to my "humour" horoscope, which I wasn't going to post, but as I seem to be lacking sufficient energy and brain function to write anything original, this is what it said:

"Date: 2nd March 2011

Every part of your body will cry out in pain today, although there is no explanation as to why this should be. ..."
Today was only the second time in over twenty years that I could not play my obligatory sporting activity because of physical pain... the other was Monday.  I did go out and hit a few, but I had to retire before even playing one game.  I had, prior to going out, stretched, and made use of a soothing rub to ease my way. Soothing? Oy! What was once a sharp intermittent pain then diffused over a wider area, and short stabs became longer lasting spasms. I did stay and watch a few games due to the beneficial aspect of a few smiles and of the gymnasium being considerably warmer than my home. I then trudged home in the mud puddles, slush and snow feeling... rather... undone. In the real world, I would grimace and move on, but here... on this blog, I felt like sharing.

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