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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Sleepwalk the Day...

(I was cold. I was tired. I tried to sleep.  This is what I wrote. 
No edit. It is rather bold of me to share this as is.)

As the chill of day’s last light descends
my body shakes as if bathed in a veil of ice
I become as cold as Death
The shroud of life lends no blood
I sleepwalk the day the path unknown
Heavy eyes beckon me to rest
but when at last night comes
the dark warmth beckons me to life
and my only desire becomes lost in the many
that the daylight hours blinded me to see.
ckiMar 19 2011


thormoo said...

I for one am really glad you shared this...incredible imagery and descriptiveness. "The shroud of life" one line, in particular I can really identify with. The title too: "I Sleepwalk the Day..." whoa, good stuff...

Spockgirl said...

Thanks T. I was so tired when I wrote that, and still am. Don't know if I slept much at all for some reason. I have been unfocused and not able to write much of anything, but throw a few words together without structure... I could do. It is exactly how I felt last night...