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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I cannot sleep...

Harvey from Bad Example posted a comment on "The Damn Moon", and actually dared me to write and post what I had mentioned therein. Well... after lying in the dark for about an hour tonight, I surmised that although I was tired, there was no likelihood whatsoever that I was going to fall asleep once again. And... yes... I am going to blame it on the damn moon. So... here is what I just came up with (no edit... this is how it came out):  (Um... Note:  This is my attempt at Dr. Seuss. It's humour kids... both form and content... just in case that isn't clear.)

I cannot sleep, I want to die,
I cannot sleep when I close my eyes.
The night is young, the moon is high,
I want to eat... that big moon pie.
I cannot sleep, I want to die,
I cannot sleep when the moon is high.
The night drags on, and here I lie,
I want to eat... I want to die.
I cannot sleep, I want to die,
I cannot sleep though hard I try.
Darkness darkens, my eyes grow wide,
I want bacon, I must confide.
I cannot sleep, I want to die,
I cannot sleep when I dream of fries.
Bacon, Hamburger, Fried Chicken, Fries,
how can I sleep with hunger by?
I cannot sleep, I want to die,
I cannot sleep, please tell me why.

And... please feel free to add a few lines, preferably in rhyming couplets.


KrippledWarrior said...

I love to sleep. I don't have to try.
the sandman's always poking my eye.
I love my sleep. I will not lie.
or heave a sigh. or even cry.
and on the morrow there's food to fry...

Spockgirl said...

See... yours is more Seussish. Thanks for posting that!

Ralphd00d said...

O.M.G. It just seems to me,
all that talk is making me so hungry.
Burger and fries, apple pies,
Hope there's a McDonalds nearby.
Will sit down there and become well-fed, then off to sleep in my bed.

Ok, yeah it's lame too... and prolly not as Seuss'ish... but it was off the top of my head.

Spockgirl said...

Heck... yours is more Seussish than mine. I guess I am ... the Dark Seuss.

Harvey said...

I cannot sleep, I toss and turn
It drives me nuts! For rest I yearn
I close my eyes, I scrunch them tight
Yet still I'm sleepless this long night
I wish I were a-dreaming now
Of strange, fun things. I'd tell you how
I dance on ceilings upside down
I'd jump rope with a circus clown
I'd swim the ocean in my jammies
Play with oysters, and with clammies
Swing on stars, jump o'er the moon
Play some U2 on bassoon
About this now I'll no more peep
I *wish* that I could go to sleep!

Yeah, quaintly amusing doggerel is a hobby of mine.

Funny thing - you know how all Emily Dickinson poems can be sung to "Yellow Rose of Texas"? Mine usually end up fitting "Devil Went Down to Georgia".

Spockgirl said...

Ooh... I like yours Harvey. Quaintly amusing indeed.

And.. I had heard about that Emily Dickinson tidbit, and did actually test the theory years ago, but can't remember if it held true or not.