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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Guy and his Dog...

"On 1 March 2011, Lance Corporal Tasker was taking part in a patrol with his dog, Theo, when they were engaged by small arms fire, during which Lance Corporal Tasker was struck and died from the injuries he sustained. Sadly, on returning to Camp Bastion, Theo suffered a seizure and died."

To read more, proceed here.  (Photo and link: U.K. MoD)

LCpl Liam Richard Tasker, a Scotsman attached to the Irish Guards, just turned 26 less than three months ago and had been in Afghanistan not quite six months.

This struck me for a number of reasons, and yet, I don't quite know why...  I had held off posting it pending further explanation, but... then... I thought... this speaks for itself.

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