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human nature, genetic inadequacies and hormonal imbalances wreak havoc.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Standing on the sidewalk looking West, Feb 27 2011

Standing at the corner looking South, Mar 5 2011

The Path is yet unclear..
and... the way yet unknown.

I had some words to share yesterday evening, but was unable to hit the "publish post" button. In all honesty, what I had written freaked me out just a tad and I don't quite have the guts to post it. I'm working on it.


Kristina Divine said...

Don't be freaked out... BTW your lines about :The path is yet unclear... and... the way yet unknown" is poignant to my world right now.

Spockgirl said...

I was starting to get a little worried about you, and had actually been thinking about sending you a quick email in the last little while. Glad to know you are still kicking.