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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bodies of unrealistic proportions...

Over at Bad Example, there was a post regarding a young woman who explored the unrealistic proportions of Barbie with frightening results, and that lead to me thinking about the unrealistic expectations placed upon the male sex, with Ken doll and the characters of pop culture at the time of my youth. Here are some examples of this:

Oh and must not forget:

Perhaps that is why I grew up having no expectations whatsoever? Or... perhaps that is why the unrealistic proportions seen in today's pop culture are so appealing?

Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson
Jason Statham
Paul Walker
Vin Diesel

Get real or grow brains or get some common sense. I suppose the project proved that one person's view on unrealistic proportions is directly proportionate to the person's ability to measure an object and calculate simple ratios? Maybe I'm just being unrealistic.


Harvey said...

Criticizing a doll for having unrealistic proportions is like criticizing wine for not tasting like grape juice.

She's probably also upset that Michelangelo's David was too tall, and not warm to the touch when hugged.

Spockgirl said...

or... for grape juice not tasting like wine. Hence... the reason for my post.

What is it with everyone and hugging these days? It seems to be coming up a lot lately. And who hugs statues anyways? Heh.

Chauncey said...

This is awesome!

Spockgirl said...

Thank you Chauncey.