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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Inner Fruit?

I have been struggling for the past year with certain aspects of... everything... living, sleeping, eating, breathing (so to speak), and... as of late to a greater extent... thinking. To be blunt, I hadn't been doing much of any of these five basic, essential human functions.. or doing them properly. My brain is... for lack of a better word... malfunctioning. What I once was, in the first part of my life, was almost dead and buried, what I became in the next part has almost been obliterated in the span of three short years, and now... I'm just... scrambled. The only thing (other than music)...that has been keeping me somewhat together is  humour (and the peeps that provide it), and for that I am so very thankful. On that note, how could I pass up this dumb quiz, "What's your Inner Fruit Flavour?"

Your Inner Fruit Flavor is Apple

You are a late bloomer, and you may be coming into your own right now.
You follow your own path, and the turns you take are often unexpected and inspired.

You are goal driven but patient. You know that the journey is just as important as the destination.
You feel different from everyone else, and that's okay. You're happy to rock your own style.


T1G said...

What the...???

Your Inner Fruit Flavor is Watermelon
You are both independent and interdependent. You're very unique, but you meld well with a group.
You do your own thing, but you're always thinking of the community around you.

You create stability and security for those around you. Once you say you'll do something, you're totally committed.
You are a natural community builder. You believe in yourself and the people around you.

Watermelon. I hope it grew there, because the alternative is not a pleasant thought...

Spockgirl said...

Watermelon... it's the new you.

And if by that last bit you meant that you do NOT like watermelon... I would say you just haven't met the right watermelon yet. Maybe you've only had the mushy kind.