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Monday, May 24, 2010


Music feeds us, nurtures us, and ultimately defines us.

In my blog profile, I did not include the Deftones in my list of favourite music, but I have chosen to write this post about them, because they have found a special place in heart??? Notwithstanding that I had heard a few of their songs, and thought they were great, and bought a number of their CDs, but I did not find them as "easy listening" as say Metallica or Korn. By "easy listening", I don't mean like Fuel or Nickelback, I just mean for me, as comfort music. Inasmuch as there is comfort food, there is also comfort music. The Deftones were just not "comfort music". Theirs was a bit grittier, a bit gnarlier, rough around the edges, not as clean, not as refined as my "go to" music, Metallica and Korn. However, they got me, when I heard the cover they did of a song by a band that I absolutely adored (did I actually ever adore anything?) when I was a teenager. The band was Duran Duran and the song, "The Chauffeur". But, that is not the reason for this post. I just got their latest album..uh.... CD, and after listening to it a number of times over the past week.... what can I say. It is the best I've heard from any band in a while. There are no gimmicks, no feeble attempt at reinvention. They have gone back to basics, and in that, they have been reborn.

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