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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kate & Leopold

Movie Review:

Well... I watched this quite some time ago and had written up a brief review, but didn't post it, as I figured it needed some "tweaking".  At this point, I find that it has been sitting here too long, and upon reading it over, I think it is quite fine the way it was, with but a minor edit. I've hardly watched anything at all in the last few months, and if I did, I just didn't seem to have the right energy to write about it.  Heck, I haven't had the right energy to do much of anything for a while, but at least I am clearing up the "drafts". Maybe at some point I'll manage to get my life out of the "in draft" rut.

A romantic-comedy with a little twist. I don't believe there is a movie out there that could boast both the terms "canine bowel movement" and "space-time continuum" with such class let alone in the same script. Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman star, but extra shine is provided by New York City in two time periods, and Liev Schreiber (whom I believe I first saw in his most hilarious role as a depressed cross-dresser in "Mixed Nuts" and later went on to star with Hugh in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"). The director, James Mangold, wrote the screenplay for this film, and he also directed, among others, Knight and Day as well as 3:10 to Yuma. Interesting mix all around. 

Some lines that caught my attention:

"No one wants to be romanced by a buffoon. "

"Think of pleasing her, not vexing her. "

"The problem is that for no reason beyond my affection for you, I find myself peddling pondscum to an unsuspecting public."

"I’m tired and I need a rest.. and if I have to peddle a little pondscum to get one, then so be it. "

"I’m that dog who saw a rainbow... only... ah...none of the other dogs believe me." "I believe you."


Paul S said...

Meg Ryan...there's nothing else to say!!

Spockgirl said...

Hugh Jackman!!! He's not too bad.

Glad to see you are still around.