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Friday, March 2, 2012

How people find my blog...

If you could use one word to describe your blog, what would it be? I was just thinking about that because of content, as well as some of the Search Keywords that people have used to find there way here. A while back, someone came here by way of googling this entire quote from a movie: "Accept the enormity. Give up illusions of containment. The hardest fact of all is that no matter what the outcome, it is unlikely you can ever again be the person you have been until now." Anyways, I chuckled over a few of the search words the last couple days, not just because of "what" the words were, but because of the variety, considering that my life is so ... linear. I could call my blog "varied"... maybe even "eclectic"? I don't know.  Some other search words used in the past have been "car nipples" and "hairy unwashed".

And then there was something I really got a kick out of. Kind of cool that someone would visit from the U.S. Department of Justice yes? But scroll down and take a look at what made me burst out laughing. Whoever you are? You made my day.

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