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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Battle of Evermore

On that musical memory tour last night, I came across so many songs that I had somehow managed to forget. Another one was The Battle of Evermore, which listening to again after so many years, made me determined to find that drawing I had been thinking about for a while now. So, after going upstairs and sorting through a box full of sketches from the 80s, I decided to take another look in the hardcover sketchbook I had already gone through and scanned in what I liked. Lo and behold in between crappy drawings of women's fashions, I found it. (See also Doodles from the Past.)

In the past couple years, I've had a ten year old, twelve year old and 40-something year old kid ask me "What's your favourite _____?" I honestly couldn't answer most of the questions. But, I think I can say that this is my favourite drawing, without a doubt.

I've written about feeling lost, being lost, not knowing who I am anymore or where I am going in life. This isn't just something I say without deep consideration. I have struggled in the past year and a bit with the "who I was, who I became, and who I am now", but may not have been able to properly articulate the how and why of this. In thinking on this now, perhaps that song together with the content and execution of this illustration can best illustrate what I have thusfar been unable to explain. Or maybe not.

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