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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inner workings...

Unable to sleep for 24 hours ... 24 hours. I think at about 22 hours is when I had a shower and got dressed. 24 is when I lay down in my clothes and dropped off for 2... HOURS! Finally! In trying to figure out this not sleeping episode, I came up with the thought of a perfectly functional lamp, plugged into the wall socket, light switch turned on, but ... with no lightbulb... or perhaps with the lightbulb just not screwed in properly.

For some reason this seemed familiar, as though I had used a lightbulb analogy before, but when I searched the blog for "lightbulb", nothing came up. I then typed in "electrical current", and found what I was remembering. The interesting thing is that I had used the term "inner workings" in that, which I didn't realize when I wrote the title to start this post.


I went out of the house for the first time in... five days. My body seemed fine, but after a block, my face was freezing off, but everything else seemed fine. About half a block later, I was feeling rather laden down, carrying... nothing. Two blocks more I needed to sit down. Visited with a friend for a bit, walked to the store up the street and back. Chatted for a bit... Actually felt drained just listening and talking. Bonus though is that I ate a corn dog and a chocolate bar during the time that I was out.


I knew I had to go to one of the stores on the way home to pick up some sundry items, and whilst there, strolling down the aisles, I overheard bits of a conversation between a man and a woman who, by the tone and matter of said conversation, had only recently met and did not know very much about each other. When they were at the cashier, I heard the woman say "Nooooo... don't you EVER call my mother. (More words since forgotten.) My entire family is dysfunctional."  That's about all I caught. I was thinking... hmm.... dude... not a good sign. Kind of reminded me of that bit about those guys (I know one, but I do believe him.) who insist that every single woman he has ever dated or been with was "crazy".


Hunh...  I just nodded off trying to finish this off.  I know I was going to add something else, but the "lightbulb" just went out.

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