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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fortunate and a Fortune Cookie

I realized this afternoon that I have had three separate birthday dinners this year, plus today I splurged on Chinese take-out with some money I received as a gift. I was also invited by an old friend's mom to have cabbage rolls (a personal favourite that mom used to make) tomorrow as another belated b-day dinner. Lucky or fortunate I am... Thinking about it now, this may actually be more appealing than one big party. Sort of like how I view Valentine's Day. No fuss, no muss... just spread the love around.


Oh, and today's fortune cookie that came with dinner:

Ah, except that the coming into money would have to precede the travelling. The funny thing about this is that a couple days ago, I picked up a Passport Application. I haven't bothered to get a new one in over fifteen years. Hmm...


Harvey said...

I'm betting the fortune is predicting walking down the sidewalk and finding a quarter :-)

Spockgirl said...

My luck? It would be a penny after they've been discontinued.