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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zombie meat

I was thinking the other day that perhaps I should purchase a box of frozen burger patties, which I haven't had in probably 14 years or so. Used to be great almost charred, on a toasted bun with Thousand Island Dressing and maybe some crunchy Romaine lettuce. The timing of this is rather interesting, as this morning, I noticed an article regarding a frozen beef product recall which included several different brands and products. Hmm... I couldn't remember whether or not Ecoli, the bacteria in question, survived beyond being frozen, and apparently it does. I went agoogling further and found this tidbit. So, in other words, it survives being frozen, but it cannot survive being burned to death. On a somewhat related note, it is interesting that sometimes nuking doesn't even work on some pre-cooked foods, due to uneven heating and not being nuked through and through. So, even though something is already dead, there are living organisms that yet live / come back to life / thrive, and can only be killed if nuked to death. In other words, you have to kill something twice to eat it.

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