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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Miscellany...

It would appear that my mind from last night to today is filled with a multitudinous amount of miscellany as evidenced by the previous posts. So following on that theme now allows me to post a few things which have absolutely no bearing on my life whatsoever... being Love, Marriage and Children, not necessarily in that order.

I've never been one of those people who makes baby sounds to babies, or baby sounds to dogs. I found myself almost making baby sounds to a friend's cute little dog this year. I had to stop myself with a "wha?"  Anyways... when I saw this image posted over at "I Know Funny"... I believe several months ago, I wanted to post it on the blog, but I had absolutely no way to work it in. It is just too damn cute...  and it has to be shared.

I would say the only time I ever thought of getting married was mentioned here.  The other day I clicked on a link to what was purported to be the most creative and inspired marriage proposal. Indeed it was... as well as romantic and heart-warming... and... just plain sweet.  I admire and applaud the young man for his outstanding effort... However, the deep, dark cynic in me says "Dude... how are you ever going to to top that?"  (or... even keep up the pace.), but the part with the dad brought a tear to my eye...  

A while back this was posted over at Magniflorious Phule. I had been thinking about writing a bit about kids these days, but couldn't quite come up with the the right words. Well...  now I don't have to. All I will say is that I laughed big time when I watched it because I've met kids like this.

As for Love...  see thoughts on Valentiine's Day post here.


More miscellany...

My oldest best bud drove into town this past Friday with her daughter, bearing birthday gifts and an Iced Coffee. Sweet! My birthday was a couple months ago, so this was an extra special treat. We had a great chat while her daughter played at the playground, we visited another friend and went for lunch as well. And ... it was a beautiful sunny day to boot.  Oh.. lunch... I was so wanting Chicken Fingers.. but I went with... a BLT and fries...  Oh... it was good, damn crispy goodness good.


We actually had two days in a row of sun.  Yes... I had mowed the lawn, as I said I would. I had done only a marginal amount the previous Friday, and did the rest this past Thursday. I did something I'd never done before... in almost nine years here... I mowed curvy paths into the lawn, just for fun.  The grass had grown exponentially in that one week, and the lawnmower was labouring. It was getting late, so it was a spur of the moment thing to be creative, save a bit of time, and give the little motor a break from doing the whole yard.

The way it goes... Friday was hot and sunny... Saturday..  cold and blustery. Today looks better again.


Harvey said...

"Dude... how are you ever going to to top that?" (or... even keep up the pace.)

Actually, he doesn't have to do either. To keep her happy, he just needs to do small things on a random, regular basis.

Just like slot machine payoffs.

Of course, on they're 25th anniversary, he damn well better think big.

Spockgirl said...

I dunno... If a guy starts off with fireworks and cotton candy at the beginning, I don't see how skittles and smarties every now and then would suffice... for your typical woman. But, then I suppose that I can't really say as I am not typical.