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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ooh... hamburger

Last night after my obligatory sporting activity, I caught a ride to go grab a burger, and lucky for me, A & W had Mama burgers on for $1.50... Much better taste and size for value than a burger from McDonalds. So... I picked up two burgers and a small fries. This was perhaps the first time ever that the fries were not very fresh, but still pretty good. Great deal, with two burgers and small fries for $4.89 plus tax which came to $5.48. Of course, my plan was to have one of the burgers for dinner and save the other for today. Oh... but I was tempted last night ... I had wrapped it in saran and placed it on the top shelf of the fridge right next to the milk and when I opened the fridge door it was ... there... looking at me.

Funny that I knew the burger was still there, but when I opened the fridge door this morning.. same effect... "eat me" it whispered to me... It was like the first thirty seconds of that "banana" video (posted on the blog, but which I have since added to the bottom of the sidebar). "Hamburger" I whispered back. But... then I snapped out of it... Wait... later... I closed the door with a sense of regret and longing.

It was cold again today with the wind having picked up, so unlike Sunday, I donned my black wool coat and long boots to go for a walk downtown. Past the Post Office I happened to look down and noticed that I had narrowly missed stepping in dog poop again, but sadly, someone else had not. I continued on my way, stopped in at my friends shop and we had one of our interesting conversations regarding kids these days, as well as regarding how things are taught in schools now as opposed to back when we were kids. We've known each other since kindergarten and were in the same classes up until grade six, and since she knows of my lack of childhood memory, was trying to jog it a bit by asking if I remembered certain classrooms and this and that. Sadly... no. I do remember certain bits from certain grades, but nothing such as a complete, solid memory. I remember a fair bit from Grade 4 which I think may have been when the grading switched to As and Bc instead of the numbering system. I remember in Grade 5 my teacher thought I was "slow" and that I lacked reading comprehension skills. All I know is that I could read perfectly well and didn't know what he was thinking. I remember in Grade 6 with a new, younger teacher, being put into an advanced reading group, where we were introduced to the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. I remember other little bits and pieces here and there, but that's where I ended up today. I headed back to open my shop and on my way back, remembered to avoid the squished remains on the sidewalk. Further along the way, the sun started to shine through the mostly clouded sky.

Oh... but I had not forgotten. I had been patient. The hushed word, embedded in my brain... hamburger.  For a moment I thought... I could save it for dinner, but ... then... why? I opened the fridge door and there it was... I carefully unwrapped it and gently placed it on a piece of paper towel, gingerly folding the corners underneath. Into the microwave... 1 min 25 sec... seemed like an eternity. Ding. Carefully unwrapped it, opened it up, gingerly placed spinach leaves on it, pressing them down to fit more on, replaced the top bun and... at last... Mmmmm... Hamburger. Not quite the same effect as a fresh one, but still pretty damn good. I wasn't eating quickly, but somehow I inhaled while I was chewing and something went down my windpipe...  nasty.. choking... air... coughing... blech. However, that did not deter from the utter enjoyment of the... hamburger. It has only been an hour and I think back on it as a fond memory.


Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering reading that !
I enjoyed your childhood memories too, I was I was still in touch with some of my old school friends.

Spockgirl said...

Me and food have a relationship that I sort of can talk about here. I have written about a few other fodd "experiences" on the blog as well.

Odd thing about old school friends... some left and came back to live, but I am not in close contact with. The friend I mentioned I hadn't been in touch with in almost twenty years (maybe had seen her two or three times in that time) and when I ran into her we just picked up as if no time had passed at all.

Jeanie said...

There you go with the food again. Now I want a burger and it's bedtime! GRRRR

Spockgirl said...

Sorry Jeanie!
I suppose you could be glad that you don't have one sitting in your fridge waiting for you to eat it. Hahaha.