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Monday, May 9, 2011


I was just going to close my tired eyes for a few minutes before I went to the obligatory sporting activity this evening... I had time... It was 5:48pm. I cranked Rob Zombie and went to lie down in the room where the speakers are. I was listening to the music... but when I opened my eyes, it was 6:40! It starts at 6:30... I was late. There was a Canucks game on tonight so I wasn't too sure how many would show up to play. I walked and jogged part way. When I got there I noticed four vehicles and at the door, a bike. When I got to the gym... surprisingly there were five guys ... but just one gal... me. Needless to say I got tuckered out fairly quickly. I went out in between games to go grab a drink at the fountain and when I was heading back down the hallway I saw this:

It just struck me... as such a beautiful view. I went back to grab my cell phone so I could snap a pic or two. The other one I took has the "EXIT" sign at the top, but this one just looks more serene (and a bit more in focus). After playing the last game and putting the equipment away, it was still light out, which is great. But... it would be nice if it would start feeling like spring for more than just one or two days a week.


DaveO said...

May I recommend returning and taking that pic again, with the exit sign. That whole sentiment, for lack of a better term, appeals.

Probably my eyes, or maybe the screen, but the pic itself looks just out of focus - the basis of my recommendation.

I'm a Rangers fan myself. LOL

Spockgirl said...

Both photos are out of focus... the second one VERY much so, which is why I was thinking of NOT posting it.

Because of the fact that I used to take photos with very good clarity, focus and resolution when I was younger )and had a "real" camera, not some idiot point and click thing), it bugged me for a while that I could no longer do the same with failing eyes and a cheap cell-phone camera. However, I can still see, so I'm just not as picky as I used to be.

All things being as they are, perfectly sound recommendation on your part.

T1G said...

Liking that second pic, too.

Spockgirl said...

Yeah... I like the construct of it too. The lack of clarity still picks at me, but I have to let it go.