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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well... I am having a dilemma here. Not a big one, and perhaps not even one worthy of a blogpost. I haven't been doing much by way of extracurricular activities.... at all. Well... this weekend, the movie Thor is playing at the local theatre. Heck, it has been on my radar since ...  the beginning of the year. So...  my dilemma is whether or not I want to splurge on seeing Thor in the theatre, or eating Chinese take-out. The cost will be about the same. Now... I have to consider that if I choose food over entertainment, what I order, being a combo dinner of yummy spicy Szechuan Chicken Chow Mein, Pork Chop Suey and Almond Chicken, will last me for two meals. The movie and popcorn is a one shot deal. I could wait til it comes out on DVD and save six bucks or so, but is it one that I need to see on the big screen... I don't know.  Ah... well...  dinner would be around 6, the movie starts at 7:30... I have a bit of time to decide.

I would say the hunger always wins. Hmm... Hot food or hot guy?

Speaking of hot guys, I just found out that "The Mechanic" (2011) is out on DVD now. I'll definitely splurge on that one.


thormoo said...

Chinese take-out beats the movie theater for me ANY day!

Spockgirl said...

Yeah... that Szechuan Chow Mein is calling to me already.

DaveO said...

I go to the library - they get most movies that I'd like to watch about a week or so after they're released on DVD.

Trying to find Xi'an recipes. Different flavor profile than most Chinese places here in the US. More spices and a strong MidEast influence.

Spockgirl said...

Small town, small library, which I don't frequent... For some reason I don't think they even have DVDs.

I think on the west coast of Canada and the U.S. you will find more variety in Asian cuisine. We still have Chinese people running Chinese food restaurants, but mostly Koreans with Japanese restaurants. As for Szechuan... I never looked into the actual flavourings... I just like it because it is spicier than the other mostly bland everyday fare that is available.

Big Sister said...

Yep. They have DVDs at our library. Never accessed them yet.

"Mostly bland everyday fare" Westernized Cantonese...which is akin to "Pretend Sushi" (where due to the alleged "Western palate", wasabi is left out of certain types of sushi in its construction stages and it shouldn't be... The flavor of Sushi rice tends to be not delicate, but bland in many places...) Folks have been missing out on the "real" and complete taste/texture enhancement/sensation of many types of cuisine due to "tempering of flavors". However,on the off-chance that a wonderful discovery is made in an out-of-the-way-unexpectedly-yummy restaurant whether Chinese or Other to tempt the buds...It's like Heaven. Just like when I came upon that Chinese bakery and the BBQ Pork Buns. Those things are not small, yet it's very easy to put away at least half a dozen. Heh.

Back to Chinese Cuisine - It's regional with perhaps the best known and most influential being Szechuan, Shandong, Jiangtsu, and Guangdong (Cantonese)(also known as the Four Great Culinary Traditions)- Many of the Chinese railway workers and gold miners came from the Guangdong area of China, hence the introduction of said cuisine to the early North American Palate in California and on up into Western Canada and beyond.

Oops. Epic narrative. Press "delete".