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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Those damned dandelions...

They rear their ugly bright happy faces and sometimes I rip their heads off. I never thought I would take a picture of one, let alone three, but although I believed that I had encountered the mother of all dandelion plants I had never before come across the mother of all dandelion flowerheads. Granted it is impossible to tell the size of the creature from the photo above, so I did another thing I never thought I would do and took them inside to get more pictures. Have I mentioned before that I do NOT like yellow flowers? Especially bright, happy yellow flowers?

Yep... that is a dime on a dandelion.
(Yeah... it's really out of focus... I know.)
Hmm... if I had a dime for every dandelion...
(and every photo I've taken that is out of focus.)

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