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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bright sky...

Hot, cold, warm, cold, wet, sunny... Who knows what the next day will bring? Could be everything all in one day. Today feels like it is freezing, but yesterday was gorgeous and sunny as seen in these photos. On the other side of the neighbour's property, there's this "shrub" and a holly bush growing together, each almost seven or eight feet tall.  I'm not really fond of red (or hot pink) flowers either (yellow being bright and happy, red being bright and showy), but I had to take a picture as I couldn't get over how "full" it was this year. I don't even recall this one ever having flowered before. You think I would have noticed. The magnolia in my yard is done and it's almost time for the lilacs and spirea. Would be nice if they bloomed at the same time, but it never works out that way.


Harvey said...

I love the smell of lilac. My favorite part of spring.

Spockgirl said...

It seems that everything is late blooming this year with winter hanging on so long. Still waiting for a few nice days to be strung together.

Funny thing... many years ago I lost my ability to smell certain things... lilacs being among them. The only time I can smell their scent is if it is wafting on the breeze, especially after a light rain.