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Monday, May 2, 2011

I heard the news last night...

An instrument of evil was dead. Late in the evening, there I was... actually moved to place an "alive" picture next to a "dead" picture and enlarge it in order to examine bone structure, facial hair colouration, eyebrow placement, moustache and beard.. in great detail. The nose and the shape of the face threw me off a bit, but I left it at that, taking into consideration that there would be some bloating. At least that is my uneducated guess based on the way my logic works. Why was I tempted to do that? I have no idea whatsoever. I watched the President's stiff and stoic address as he stumbled over a few words, and once again from the content and wording, I wondered if he writes his own speeches or if someone coaches him on that. This morning I read several opinion pieces, noticed some articles and photos of "rejoicing" in the streets of the U.S., and read some comments from the Islamic world. I wasn't planning on writing anything on this, because it has already all been said much better than I ever could and by people with a deeply rooted and vested interest. My basic opinion is that he is dead, but that does not mean that the war is over or that everything is all better..  Sadly, there are people who actually believe that.  All I can think of at this time is that he was a dandelion... he was removed from the earth...  but the root is still there... and his seed has already been spread.

The funny thing is that although I am quite familiar with the dandelion as a weed, I did not know until today that it is also known as "Lion's tooth". It escaped me for a moment, but then it came to me... en francais... Dent de Lyon. Ah... if he was the lion's tooth... wherefore is the lion's head?


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