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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I went to bed early last night... Lights off by 11:30 I think, hoping in vain that I might be able to fall asleep earlier and actually get some sleep for a change.  Alas, it was not to be once again. I can't even remember clearly now. Same old, same old. At some point there was dawn and birds twittering outside the window... I slept some time after that. Upon waking, whilst lying in bed... I was thinking about mowing the lawn... the grass now being almost four inches long  in some areas...  But.. then I remembered that the grass would still be damp, even though it was going to be sunny and warm today, so I figured that I would do some weeding instead. Beautiful day... warmer outside than in the house...  Not too many of the damned dandelions since last time, but ... one dandelion is one too many. Anyways, I found that I didn't need the fleece jacket I had tied around my waist, and soon after I didn't need the long sleeve t-shirt either. Tank top was sufficient this day.

When I was almost done the rather strange lady that I met a short time ago came walking up the alley, so we had another one of our interesting chats..  her chatting, me listening... but I think it may have only lasted a half hour or an hour instead of three...  It was cut short as the woman noticed that I had a visitor. She went  on her way just as big sister had pulled up in the car all dressed and ready to go...  but ... grubby and smelling of dirt, not so much. Oh well... it was a nice day.. so it would be good to enjoy most of it outside in the sun. After I was done and showered, I decided to spend some time just sitting outside on this sunny Sunday afternoon flipping through some magazines of beautiful homes, gorgeous gardens and other whatnot.  When I turned the last page and put the final magazine down, I sat there absorbing the warmth, the heat, the peace of it all. Even the traffic buzzing down the highway just a block away was part of that peace. Nothing mattered but the warmth of the sun on my skin.

You would think that whilst sitting there some inspired thought or brilliant idea would waft into my mind, but no... that's not the way it works for me. As I sat there ... everything left me. There was just the sun, the warmth, that moment, that peace and me... empty. That ... is the beauty of my tranquility.

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Funny thing... I mentioned mowing the lawn then as well.

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