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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Movie Review
It is hard to believe it has been 23 years since Arnold starred in "Predator". I recently watched the latest in the line, aptly named "Predators", for more reasons than just the obvious. 

Interesting locations. Shot in Hawaii and..... Texas(???), yes it does say Austin, Texas. There were a couple cool spots that I never would have guessed. Otherwise it was pretty predictable all around - dialogue, characters' actions and reactions, redemptive qualities. The writer tried some loops, but didn't fare too well.  There didn't seem to be much tension, but it kept me satisfactorily engaged. A few things do stand out in my mind... one of the CG horizon shots,  the last scene with the Russian (I'm a sucker for the big tough guy with heart), the long, waving grass at the end of a man v predator fight sequence (I have a fondness for sword fights), and... Adrien Brody's big, but rather short, shirtless fight scene involving fire. Now that was an unexpected surprise... Adrien shirtless, not the fire. There was also a guest appearance by a major presence in a very snall role, which sadly was just a crumb, or a throw in. Another thing... maybe I have seen too many action movies, but the fight sequences seemed too simple? or rather flat? or linear?

The end sucked. As I listened to the last line, I was dumb is that? Why did they leave that in there? They might as well just have had him walk back to pick up the alien doodad.


T1G said...

Still haven't seen it, but I thought the concept, based on the previews, was kinda cool.

Probably hang back a while longer...

Spockgirl said...

Ah... I think you should just watch it. Would be interesting to get your take on it. I went into it with no pre-conceived notions, as is my way. I don't think I even saw a full preview beforehand.