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Friday, February 24, 2012

Is this all there is?

That question has been lingering in my thoughts lately... again. And, every now and then, the "What's the point?"  still rears its ugly head. Tonight though, or should I say this morning, the phrase that came to mind immediately following it was "Are we there yet? Oh... yes... I went to bed early... before midnight. Lights off before 2AM. Couldn't fall asleep, but did at some point and woke up after what seemed to be a very long dream. I woke up, my eyes tired, in the dark... thinking... "why is it still dark?". Rolled over, reaching out to the desk, fumbling around trying to find the cell phone to check the time... 4:37AM. Geesh. Figured I'd write something down, but I think I have covered almost everything in the inability to sleep department, including the basic "I cannot sleep."

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