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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The logical heart...

Something hasn't felt quite right lately. Not that something is wrong, but that something is just off-kilter. I wrote a bit about it a few days ago, regarding the lack of routine or structure in my life at present. I think I mentioned that my heart hadn't even been into reading blogs, but I know that I haven't been into much of anything at all. It is taking me considerably too long to get back on track. Every once in a while, I think I've got it back together, but then... nothing. Malaise is the word I used earlier today in correspondence. I didn't even feel like eating anything today. But of course, I forced myself to eat... some popcorn... and some honey roasted peanuts, which then caused... hunger. Anyways, I finally sort of got back into a rhythm, but have to wonder if it is just my brain malfunctioning again or something else.

Well, it seems that everytime I get into one of these "funks", something comes around to nudge me back into consciousness, and today it was thiswhich touched on the fondness I have for honest, candid writing... especially letters. And then ... something caught my eye on the sidebar, this. Can  you imagine how many times she started out writing this letter? How many times she changed it to make it as clear and concise as she could? How she had to hold herself together? Somehow in this empty heart of mine... I can.

From "Letters of Note".

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