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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The nebulous void...

Almost like old times... Finished doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen just before 2AM. A little bit early to take the garbage out, but figured I'd do it then just in case I forgot or slept in. I knew it had been the full moon yesterday, but it was so bright out when I stepped outside, I looked up and decided I had to take a few pics. By the time I ran up the stairs, through the dining room and kitchen to grab the cell phone in the bedroom and back, the moon had disappeared behind a cloud. I took a shot anyways, and then waited a few before getting a couple more.

As soon as I saw the clouds shrouding the moon, I thought of the words "nebulous void", and as I sit here typing this, I realized that describes well my life, such as it is.


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Spockgirl said...

Wow! My very first spam comment! And... it was such a good one that it didn't even get detected as spam. It is always a pleasant surprise to receive a comment, but this... this is actually kind of depressing.