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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Further to "Bodies of unrealistic proportions", and Barbie, this is just ... scary.

Kind of amazing  transformation. Just needs to tweak the eyebrows a tad.

Funny, but also makes me wonder if the parents know their children actually have their own YouTube channels.

Oh... and this latest one I found made me smile (yeah... I needed it). I had Google Chrome open and for some reason clicked on "YouTube" at the top of the page just to see what came up and this was there. Perfectly suited for this post. Reminds me of a scene with Craig T. Nelson in Poltergeist. I admit, I can sort of do the same thing with my own body, but no... no Pam Spray for me.


Okay, that was a lot of posting for one night. My eyes are tired, so hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep instead of waking up when my head hits the pillow. At least I was provided with a smile and laugh to fill the void that is me.

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