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Friday, February 24, 2012

The end?

I was chuckling watching this. Pretty much sums up my life in the past couple years. In the first theory, "slowly start to drift apart... and die", "finally, only giant black holes will remain", "will be still, cold, and effectively dead".  Even the second theory with the "mysterious Dark Energy" (loved that part)... "everything will be torn apart". And the third..."everything slows down and is eventually thrown into reverse", "the universe will implode". Yep... that is what's been going on here in a nutshell.

Ah... of course, now the Doors' song (used to listen to them a long time ago) just drifted back into my head. I wish I knew where the pictures I took on the high school trip to Paris are. Somewhere I know that I have a couple of Jim Morrison's grave.

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