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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I don't do much texting. In my opinion, why text back and forth six times what you could say in one phone call? All part of communication breakdown.

I very rarely receive texts or phone calls, so it is odd to receive a text at 10pm. Only two or three people will text me, plus the service provider. This was tonight:

"Whatcha doin?"


(Was in bed extremely early.)


thormoo T. Davis said...

I didn't used to text but do it all the time now but it's always practical stuff with Kim, other family friends or people I volunteer with. I find it especially helpful to communicate to multiple people at one time.

I think texting is like Face Book or all depends how it is used. I used to think Face Book was a total joke and waste of time and if you play all those silly games etc then I think it still is. But for me it became a very useful tool to help me re-enter society after years of isolating myself. I can keep tabs on my daughter in South Carolina and her family and it helps me to stay connected with people which i needed to do because my tendency is to isolate, be a loner and I get into trouble when I isolate/.

Texting has helped as well, you can communicate things quickly without making the time commitment of a phone call. Plus I never like bugging people...they can read my text at their our leisure and it is respectful of their time and privacy.

Just the way I look at it..i didn't always feel this way.

Spockgirl said...

Ah, you use texting as I do emailing. Funny that you should say that you don't like bugging people, as that is the way I have felt probably all my life, which is why I prefer email.

The texting I mention here and am not a fan of is the back and forth, sometimes silliness, where a question that could be asked and answerred in one phone call takes six or more texts. Of course, you probably don't have a lot of people who text that way!

thormoo T. Davis said...

I knew exactly what you were referring too and that drives me batty as well: "what are you doing?" "Nice weather, huh?"

In the last couple years of my working career, my fellow managers and I started texting to communicate on a noisy factory floor where phone calling was nearly impossible because you couldn't hear.

So yes, I use it to set up a lunch appointment with a buddy who I know is busy working so i send him a text and he can reply at his leisure.

My point (it really wasn't made well) was supposed to be that i used to hate it but now I've come to appreciate...etc.